Russian agents? Unhinged liberals side with Putin, Assad, protest Trump’s ‘war’ in Syria

Trump Syria demonstrators anti-war protests Syria
Demonstrators protest Trump in New York (Twitter)

On Friday, Twitchy reported that a number of anti-war and anti-Trump protests broke out in cities across the country, including Chicago, New York and San Francisco, in response to the president’s limited missile strike against Syria.

Here’s a few of the tweets Twitchy posted.  Notice the professionally-printed signs many carried.  Can you say “astroturf?”

Protests also broke out in Los Angeles:

And Baltimore:

There were also protests in Tampa Bay, Dallas and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

So let’s put this in perspective, shall we?

Syrian civilians were brutally murdered in a sarin gas attack, prompting the president to authorize a limited missile strike on the airfield where the strike originated.  Syria is Vladimir Putin’s main client state in the region.

So, are these liberals doing the work of Vladimir Putin?  Are they doing the bidding of Bashar al-Assad?  Do they really support the use of chemical weapons on innocent women and children?

It sure looks like it…

So, will Maxine Waters or Adam Schiff demand an investigation?  After all, we deserve to know how much Putin paid these people to protest, don’t we?  Don’t hold your breath.

Final note to liberals: A limited missile strike against one airbase does not a war make…


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