Russell Simmons: Zimmerman ‘Will ultimately be punished’ for Martin’s death

220px-TrayvonMartinHoodedIn an op-ed at the Huffington Post, hip hop mogul Russell Simmons wrote what some may see as a call for vigilante justice against George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer on trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

“He will soon be judged by a jury of his peers, and that is the best we can do. Whatever decision they make, is a decision that we must live with, whether we like it or not. Whether George Zimmerman is found innocent or guilty by the jury, I am firm believer that all of us live by karmic law, and he will ultimately be punished for the death of Trayvon, no matter what,” he wrote.

“So if found innocent – which he obviously believes he is – Zimmerman will karmically be punished for having legally saved his own life in self defense?” Noel Sheppard asked at Newsbusters.


Because, well, racism.  And stuff.

But Simmons wasn’t finished.

“However, if he walks free out of that courtroom, I understand that some people will be very sad, but we must remember the mission we are on,” he added.

Mission?  What might that be?

He explains:

“The power of the NRA and their gun-toting cronies in business were stopped in their tracks by the Justice For Trayvon Martin movement.”

So, you see, it’s all about using the case to strip Americans of their right to keep and bear arms, AND the right to protect themselves from people who want to bash their heads in.

Gee, and all this time, we thought it was about equal justice.

Silly us.

Simmons issued an ominous warning:  “Never we will stop fighting for justice for Trayvon, guilty verdict or acquittal, as our work will never be done!”

Got that?  The race-baiting and violent threats will never end.  We have been warned.


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Joe Newby

A 10-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Joe ran for a city council position in Riverside, Calif., in 1991 and managed successful campaigns for the Idaho state legislature. Co-author of "Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad," Joe wrote for from 2010 until it closed in 2016 and his work has been published at Newsbusters, Spokane Faith and Values and other sites. He now runs the Conservative Firing Line.

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