Rush Limbaugh wonders: Were bomb threats intended to be a ‘false flag’ operation to help Democrats?

As we and others reported Wednesday, possible explosive packages were sent in the mail, addressed to several high-profile Democrats, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Democrat mega-donor George Soros, former CIA chief John Brennan, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

News of the devices prompted Rush Limbaugh to wonder if these devices were actually intended to be discovered and never designed to actually hurt anyone.

“It doesn’t make any sense for a Republican or conservative to do this,” he said.

“If they really care about winning these elections, this makes no sense to do. This is gonna be instant fodder for the Democrats and the media to blame it on Trump and his supporters and/or his… It doesn’t make any sense for you a Republican or conservative to do this, if they care about the elections. None whatsoever. But flip that! Flip that around,” he added.

Limbaugh continued:

Would it make a lot of sense for a Democrat operative or Democrat-inculcated lunatic to do it? Because things are not working out the way they thought. Do not forget this. It’s why I’ve spent so much time dwelling on this today and the psychology that’s attached to this. This is not going the way they have assured us for the last nine months it was gonna go. More importantly, it’s not going the way they believed it was gonna go. They believe their lies, remember.

They believe their pollsters. If the pollsters tell ’em there’s a big blue wave based on a generic ballot, they believe it. They get it in their heads, and they believe it, and they start reporting it, and it just compounds itself. And it becomes even more intensely believed. It becomes gospel — and then it doesn’t. And then the things that are supposed to cement it, like the Kavanaugh trick backfires, and these mobs are backfiring. They are not achieving their objectives.

He also read this tweet from freelance journalist Alessandra Bocchi:

“Exactly my point!” Limbaugh said, going on to observe that no one is really concerned about the Clintons.

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And for Obama:  “I’m telling you, he can’t draw crowds. He’s out there trying to claim credit for this economy when he wouldn’t know how to create it!”

“In fact, you know, you say these are all deep state players — Soros, Bill and Hillary, Obama and so forth. It is curious. They’re not even on the radar in the midterms when you get down to it, other than they’re trying to get themselves on the radar. But see, that’s the thing. They’re trying to get noticed,” he told his audience. “The Clintons desperately need to be noticed all the time, and Obama is trying to recapture some glory, trying to show everybody he can still move the needle. It isn’t working.”

Add to that a very interesting observation by some on social media:

Writing at Big League Politics, Patrick Howley noticed the same thing:

CNN’s Jim Acosta revealed a photograph of the alleged bomb sent to CNN’s office, prompting an evacuation Wednesday while the network was live on air.

But the package, which authorities claim was delivered to the CNN office, did not have proper markings on it identifying it as sent mail.

The package addressed to “John Brennan” (sic) features stamps that have not been stamped by any post office, as the photograph clearly shows.

CNN officials, Howley said, reported that the package was delivered by courier and not mailed.

So, Howley asked, “…if the package was delivered by courier, why did it have multiple stamps on it? Who was the courier? Who paid for the courier?”

Good questions.  Will we ever get any good answers?

Exit question: Was this a ploy to garner sympathy for Democrats going into the midterm elections?  It certainly appears that way to some.

Ben Shapiro, meanwhile, tells us that it’s stupid and “fringe” conspiracy mongering to wonder if this was a “false flag.”  The bottom line line is that we don’t know if this was an attempt to help Democrats but the timing is certainly curious, and it’s interesting to note that the targets are prominent leftists.  And for the record, Ben, it’s not “fringe” conspiracy mongering to ask tough questions.

Final note: For the record, we wholeheartedly condemn the use of violence as a political weapon, regardless of the target.  That includes pipe bombs and ricin…


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