Ruben Gallego, Democrat, Calls for Seizing Trucks of DC Convoy. Is DC Gearing Up for a Police Action?

Democrat Ruben Gallego has called for seizing the trucks of the Convoy headed to Washington DC as a protest against fuel prices, school Covid mandates, and illegal immigration. But the specter of what happened in Canada, with the freezing of assets of those contributing to the truckers for as little as $50 could very well be on the Democrat agenda here. That and the beatings of peaceful protesters, seizing their trucks, taking their children, and other assorted Hitler-esq actions could spark a very real anger on both sides. Citizens of the United States are not generally as calm as Canadians…

The reactions to the Ruben Gallego tweet came from numerous areas:

  • 4th Amendment ring any bells with you, pal? No? Okay: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…” You don’t have grounds or standing to impound those vehicles. @TroyRiser
  • For someone who swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, I’m not certain you actually read it. @GabrielWalton13
  • 1. Thank you for your service. 2. You’re off your rocker if you think their vehicles can be impounded and given away. You think a convoy is an issue? Seize vehicles in this manner and watch what happens. @Shawn_Rine
  • Just received some great news from my trucker brother-in-law, who works for one of the largest trucking companies in #Arizona. They aren’t participating in the event in DC tomorrow, but none of them will be voting for #RubenGallego in future elections either. @TechDaddy
  • Says the guy who’s never owned a [email protected]

The Daily Wire reported on some of the well-known people who responded:

  • Dana Loesch, radio host: “Also known as theft.”
  • Kurt Schlichter, political commentator: “Siding with foreign dictators.”
  • Robert Arce, former law enforcement official: “Will your distribution of wealth be done at gunpoint?”
  • Nick Searcy, actor: “Why don’t you just murder them like a good communist, @RubenGallego?”

Ruben Gallego is a Military veteran who apparently loves to stand with the vicious crackdown that just destroyed thousands of truckers in Ottawa, Canada. You might also consider that #BlackfaceHitler was trending as the world watched Trudeau destroy a once democratic nation. And then he had the audacity to tell Canadians that his edicts would remain indefinitely. Emergencies are supposed to have an ending. His may not.

Just as numerous Democrats in the US have attempted to keep their rigid Covid emergencies in place, Ruben Gallego wants “civil forfeiture” to steal trucks away from blue collar workers.

The federal and state governments have the right to seize property and cash in what is known as civil forfeiture. This seizure is permissible if the state or federal law enforcement agents have reason to believe the items in question are related to illegal activity. As an example, an individual who purchases lavish cars, stockpiles cash and acquires other items of value after completing a massive drug deal is the perfect candidate for civil forfeiture. Unfortunately, state and federal law enforcement sometimes seize the assets of completely innocent hardworking people, holds those assets for an egregiously long period of time or sells them and keeps most of the proceeds. The items and cash seized by the state or federal government can be held for a lengthy period of time as long as the individual in question is suspected of a crime.

civil forfeiture defender website

The Canadian truckers were peacefully protesting, but Trudeau’s Emergency Measures act created a crime for their participation in it. That same scenario could easily happen here and given the Jan 6 situation along with Democrats like Ruben Gallego, it is quite likely.

The DC Convoy is made up of several different groups of truckers. One trucker plans to start today, Feb 23, from Scranton PA and only stay a couple of days. Other truckers are leaving from California and plan to be there for the State of the Union address. Although the Scranton organizer, Bob Bolus, claimed they were aiming to “shut down the beltway,” he also stated that they planned to leave a lane open for emergency vehicles to get by.

Always remember that not all military veterans are pro-United States. Many are left wingers like Ruben Gallego who don’t value the Constitution. And with the current woke military situation, that problem may only grow worse. We may be standing on the precipice of a total annihilation of our Republic.


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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