Rosie O’Donnell illegally exceeds campaign contribution limits, gets hammered by Dinesh D’Souza

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On Saturday, the New York Post reported that never-Trumper Rosie O’Donnell made illegally over-sized campaign donations to at least five Democratic federal candidates, using five different addresses and four variations of her name.

According to the Post:

O’Donnell donated $2,950 to California Rep. Adam Schiff, a 17-year veteran of the House, for his primary, according to his campaign filings. His campaign didn’t return messages seeking comment.

Lauren Underwood, an Illinois congressional candidate, reported $4,200 from O’Donnell for her primary, filings show. Her campaign didn’t return a message.

And Omar Vaid, a little-known congressional candidate in Staten Island and Brooklyn, reported $3,450 in primary donations from O’Donnell, filings show. Vaid’s finance director said the campaign “inadvertently designated” some of the money to the “wrong election” and would amend its filings.

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“I have no idea,” she said when asked how much she gave to Vaid.

O’Donnell said she simply assumed that ActBlue “limits donations to the max allowed.”

Blaming her brother, Tim, she said that she simply keeps donating and basically expects others to inform her when she goes over the legal limit.

“Both donors and candidates are legally liable for contributions over the limit. But it’s unlikely O’Donnell or her benefactors will be penalized for breaking FEC rules,” the Post said.

“Donors are rarely fined for excess contributions and then only if they are hiding the donations from the recipients,” Jan Witold Baran, a prominent D.C. campaign finance lawyer told the Post. “Campaigns generally are not penalized for isolated contributions over a limit. However, multiple excessive donations may lead to an investigation … Fines could result in such cases.”

This didn’t sit too well with Dinesh D’Souza who was indicted and charged for far less.

In January, D’Souza said he was “red-flagged” by the FBI as a “critic” of Obama.  The agency then spent some $100,000 to investigate a $20,000 case.

Short answer: No.

Regular readers of this site may recall that O’Donnell offered a $2 million bribe to multiple GOP senators to entice them into voting against the tax cut.

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