Rosie O’Donnell hints at violence against Trump: ‘Desperate times – desperate measures’

While engaging in an online anti-Trump rant on Tuesday, Rosie O’Donnell hinted at violence against President Trump, saying that “desperate times” calls for “desperate measures,” Newsbusters reported.  The statement came in response to a tweet correcting her earlier error-filled, all-caps rant about Trump and what would happen if he is forced out of office.


But that’s not the way these things work, as one person tried to tell her.

“Actually,” Scott Whitlock said of her claim, “none of that is true.”

“It shouldn’t need to be explained,” he added, “but were Trump to leave office, voluntarily or not, Gorsuch would stay. Garland would not be on the Court.”

But O’Donnell refused to be educated, tweeting:

What, one might ask, does O’Donnell mean by “desperate measures?”  Does she want Trump murdered?  Is she calling for a bloody coup to remove him from office?

Reaction to her tweet was predictable:


Whitlock added:

This is the same woman who, in January of 2017, tweeted that there were “less than 3 weeks to stop” Trump from becoming President.

Remember how liberals portrayed opponents of Barack Obama as crazy, possibly violent extremists? Seems that label fits Rosie O’Donnell.

After being informed that she was only tweeting out nonsense, O’Donnell claimed she was only expressing her “wish.”

“Nice cover, Rosie. We all believe you,” the Daily Wire said, adding:

President Trump and O’Donnell have a childish longstanding feud rife with name-calling. Trump’s called the former View host a “slob” and a “real loser” and said she “ate like a pig” while attending his second marriage to Marla Maples. O’Donnell has called Trump a “snake-oil salesman on Little House On The Prairie” and an “ass.”

O’Donnell, by the way, isn’t the only leftist to express a desire to see violence visited on the president, as we’ve reported time and time again.  And don’t forget, this is the same Hollywood leftist who called for martial law to keep Trump from being inaugurated while demanding that John McCain be sworn in as an interim president.

Nevertheless, we have to ask — Do liberals like Rosie O’Donnell really want a second bloody civil war over Donald Trump?  It sure looks that way.


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Joe Newby

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