Rose City Antifa – Violent Attacks Continued

If you have not figured out by now that groups like Rose City Antifa ARE fascist, not against fascism, you’re behind the curve. On Saturday, they continued their attacks on anyone who showed up for the “right wing” side. Violence was the name of the game. Some arrests were made, some weapons seized. They appear to own Portland, lock, stock, and barrel, and their Mayor Ted Wheeler is delusional.

rose city antifa

Wheeler held a press conference after the protests and said it was “humbling to see how everyone came together to prevent violence at demonstrations in Portland.” Seriously delusional.

Yes, Mr Wheeler, they all “came together” all right. All at once and all against those they have labelled “white supremacists.” With Rose City Antifa at the forefront of the attacks.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

This time Antifa chanted “All police are bastards.” They taunted a black police officer, calling him “Uncle Tom” and “race traitor.” One woman with a bat taunted police, who ignored her. When police arrested an aggressive shirtless man, they screamed “police bias!”

According to the Post Millennial“The police declared a civil disturbance and attempted to enforce an order to disperse, but were unsuccessful and had to retreat... As police retreated, Antifa took over the intersection of SW Park Avenue and Yamhill Street and started a block party. With pure chaos on the street, a cyclist had swerve to avoid an Antifa person on a scooter and was seriously injured.”

Post Millennial

John Turano, or “Based Spartan,” was dressed in a Spartan costume, and was with his young adult daughter who got separated from the others as Antifa chased and attacked them. (OregonLive)

“Man was beaten and maced by Antifa. He wandered off dazed and bloodied and collapsed in a parking lot. No authorities have helped him yet.”

Antifa chased some people to a bus where they were attempting to hit them with a hammer. One person was finally able to snatch the hammer from an Antifa member and close the bus doors. The onslaught continued as Rose City Antifa members kicked in the panel and tried to get the hammer back.

But “everyone came together to prevent violence.” Right. Mayor Wheeler is dangerous and should be removed from office – but since the entire city is run by radical leftists, that won’t happen.

After an Antifa goon stole a MAGA hat, a brave young black man intervened and attempted to get it back. “Hatred is not embedded in us, it’s created.” Well done and kudos to him for his calm statement.

One man was threatened with “Death is coming to your doorstep.” Though he claimed no political affiliation, the Antifa crowd surrounded him, screamed at him that he was a “nazi,” followed him, and toward the end of the video you can see a woman hit him in the back. The video does not show him being pepper sprayed as he claimed, although it obviously could have been some other substance. He said he was passing through Portland and stopped to take pictures, and was not part of the Proud Boys.

The left-leaning media continually pushed the idea that “right wing paramilitary groups” were to blame for the violence, calling them supportive of it. But the video evidence from independent journalists on the street clearly shows that Antifa were by far the attackers. Police at one point told a man that he was inciting violence by him just being there.

Thirteen (13) people were arrested, and 6 persons injured according to the liberal media. Seven hundred (700) law enforcement officers from 15 different agencies were there. There is another planned demonstration next month, and Antifa promises to be there.

The most damage is to the psyche of everyone in America- the hate and division perpetrated by this gang of thugs alters the truth dramatically. They own the city of Portland, and their rhetoric is the only thing anyone hears.

“Antifa was just protecting their city from nazis” is the prevailing idea.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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Faye Higbee

Faye Higbee is the columnist manager for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. She has been writing at Conservative Firing Line since 2013 as well. She is also a published author.

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