“Romney needs to die” – Email from Ron Paul supporter read by Adam Kokesh suggests killing Romney to ensure Paul nomination

Adam Kokesh
Adam Kokesh reads email suggesting Romney be assassinated to make room for Ron Paul.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all.

An email allegedly from an anonymous 19-year-old Ron Paul supporter says Mitt Romney must be assassinated to ensure a Ron Paul nomination, end war and save lives.

The email was read by Adam Kokesh on his podcast “Adam vs. The Man.”

More at Examiner:

“There is a way the nomination can be given to Ron Paul,” the email read by Kokesh said.

“Romney needs to die,” the letter continued.

According to the allegedly anonymous 19-year-old author of the email, the idea is more about saving America and innocent lives than ensuring a Paul nomination.

“I don’t get a lot of emails like this,” Kokesh said, adding that he has been “privileged” to hear “various forms of this proposal put forth.”

He went on to say that he has never endorsed or suggested such action.

So, how many emails like this does Kokesh receive?  We don’t know, but it says quite a lot about some who support Ron Paul.  Even more chilling than the email itself is Kokesh’s admission that he’s heard this from libertarians and Ron Paul supporters.

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No word yet from the Romney campaign on if they plan to contact the Secret Service, but it sure sounds like a good idea to me.

Read the whole thing and watch the video for yourself.  It’s amazing.