Role-Models: NBA Players’ Faith-Based Slam-Dunk

At the risk of sounding like my grandpa, I want to gripe and grouse for just a second about the types of role-models our younger generations look up to nowadays. Our kids and grandkids are bombarded with self-centered, off-kilter, profanity-spewing, wing-nuts who jockey for popularity with the sole purpose of increasing their power and bankroll. They make me sick. Literally.

Okay, admittedly, not all celebrities are wing nuts. There are absolutely some positive role models out there. But there are many who are not.

Putting my grumbling and grousing aside, when I hear of a celebrity being a positive role model, I feel the need to share it. That in mind, I was very pleased—overjoyed, actually—when I read a story by Bill Bumpas at OneNewsNow.com about two popular NBA players who are living out their faith. It makes my heart glad when I see reports of these celebrities doing good things and being good role models—especially when they share their faith in Jesus Christ.

Regarding Golden State’s Stephen Curry, Bumpas referenced Clay Meyer, magazine editor for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Meyer recalled when Curry told FCA Magazine that there’s more to him than a jersey, “and that’s Christ living inside of him.”

When you’re arguably the best current player in the NBA, that’s a powerful and positive statement.

Curry already has one championship ring on his finger but, meanwhile, Kyle Korver is trying to get his first over in Cleveland. According to Meyer, Korver and his wife are very involved in community service, which is rooted in their Christian faith.

Bumpas quotes Mayer:

“They feel that God’s blessed them to be in the situation that they are in giving (Korver) those talents and abilities, and they want to maximize those to make an impact on the community.”


This stance isn’t popular with our culture and you likely won’t hear about the faith of these men from mainstream media. Look at how Tim Tebow is portrayed in the news media. They have a track record of crucifying celebs who stand for Christ—if you’ll allow me that analogy. But it’s the very premise of being attacked in the news that gives such power to their message. It’s one thing to have faith behind closed doors. It’s quite another to have faith in public even though you know you will be attacked for it.

So while the Warriors and Cavs duke it out—and Korver battles Curry on the court—ultimately, these two young men play for the same team. They both have taken a stand for their faith and I applaud them.

Regardless of who wins the ring, both of these young men are winners. Pass me the Curry jersey and the Korver FatHead poster. I’m donning my giant foam finger because these guys are both number one. I’m now a fan.


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