Roger Goodell: NFL fans ought to tolerate disrespect for country

Last NFL season, Colin Kaepernick thought it would be radically cool and politically daring to sit during the national anthem. He says he was “protesting” and that he was practicing his right as an American to do so.

Lunatic lefties came to his defense and said he’s even more American than the duped saps standing and paying the proper respect. How does that work? Oh really, do we have to analyse every bit of nonsense coming from the left?

There isn’t much to understand here. The point is to disrespect the country for everyone to see. Oh, but there are the riots here and there and maybe a sprinkle of some Trump something or another and let’s not forget slavery and Jim Crow and on and on and on and on.

So he sits during the national anthem and this turns off a lot of people. His team just lets him do it, as does the NFL, and everything was cool. Why, he even started a “dialogue.”

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Well everything wasn’t cool because Kaepernick is out of a job this year because no one wants him. He’s crying racism, certainly, because he’s such a martyr for the cause. But he’s not playing in the NFL.

Oh, he said he wasn’t going to sit during the anthem anymore because he made his point. Okay. He won’t do it anymore because no team wants him to play for them so yeah, he’s not doing it anymore.

This pre-season, two more players are doing the same thing. Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch and Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett decided to be rad cool heroes and sit during the national anthem.

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t talk to the press but Michael Bennett does and he says he’s using his disrespect as a “platform” for protest of trendy leftish, trans bathroom-ish injustice here and there to show America is rotten and not as cool as…um..well, I don’t know, Cuba?

So commissioner Roger Goodell, who has a history of allowing himself to be bullied whenever he senses bad public relations (but only from liberal media types) came out to show that he’s once again being bullied and justifying his intimidated state with twisted stupidity.

Disrespect for the country is “one of those things where we have to understand that there are people who have different viewpoints” you know, you have Thomas Jefferson on one side, Fidel Castro on the other. Goodell told ESPN:

It’s something that I think everybody wants. The national anthem is a special moment for me. It’s a point of pride. That is a really important moment but we also have to understand the other side – that people do have rights, and we want to respect those. 

Rights, rights, rights. We all have rights, and where do these rights come from? Let’s put it this way — which country invented the idea of rights as an integral part of society and designing a government to ensure those rights? Oh, I know, the very country these dopey millionaire players are setting out to disrespect.

Isn’t that contradictory? No, of course not, it’s liberalism. Goodell, ever the understanding “both sides” kind of guy, went on to say, “Protest to progress is what I call it. We all have to recognize that people want to see change. Let’s go out and try to make that happen in a peaceful and an important way.”

That’s what he calls it. It’s what he always called it, protest to progress, why, his father called it that too and his father before that. Goodell is such a cowardly little kiss-ass that he doesn’t realize what a fool he’s making of himself. If two jerk football players think the country needs to change, well by golly they must be right, right? Lets make that happen, what’ya say? Marshawn Lynch and Michael Bennett, football, shmootball, let’s change the country! But in a peaceful, and important way.

Well Goodell doesn’t have to worry about all that as long as we don’t yell at him or make him the focus of outrage. Just leave him out of it. He’s a diplomat. Sees both sides. What a guy. Last year the league lost lots of viewers and fans and the league is scratching their head to figure out why. Probably Trump’s fault or racism or whatever.


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