Roger Goodell and kneeling players want it both ways

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had a mealy-mouthed press conference on Wednesday concerning the problem his one-percenters have for the United States of America. He says he won’t force the millionaires in his NFL ranks to stand for the National Anthem because like other rich fat cats in our wage inequality society it’s hard to get them to do the things the mere rabble expects of them.

Liberals are outraged that these millionaires are disrespecting the country over inequality since, well, they’re rich. No, I was kidding. Liberals aren’t upset at all — as the reader knows all too well — and instead cheer it on and elevate it as a First-Amendment thing. Since it’s all about race, it’s a grievance ripe for their exploitation.

Goodell doesn’t want to upset liberals because he fears their tried and tested race extortion of public figures. He wants us to know he’s understanding and in some ways he’s down with it all but wishes it would end. “What we’ve tried to do is we’ve tried to deal with the underlying issue and understand what it is they’re protesting and try to address that matter.” The underlying issue, or to be more accurate, the mostly lying fake issue is police shootings. But let’s say for the sake of argument that it is a problem. What’s so hard for him to understand? And what could the NFL do to address it, have players tackle gun touting police before they shoot?

He says “The fact is, we have about a half a dozen players that are protesting.” That’s all? Just six guys? Come on Roger, according to Yahoo News last week, thirty 49ers (they couldn’t get another 19?) sat during the anthem. Why lie about it?  He says, “we hope and we’re going to continue to work to try to put that at zero. That’s what we’d like to do. But we want to make sure we’re understanding what the players are talking about, and that’s complex.”

Before we get it to zero-not after-let’s unravel the complexity, you know, understand what the players are “talking about.” He continues, “I understand the way our fans feel about this issue, ..” Oh you do? Or, now you do since there is a boycott and the league is losing money. During the pre-season when there was only two kneelers he was all about “change” and wanted to engage with the players to “work together” to “bring about change,” but now it’s different. Now it’s a “complex” issue and he’s trying to “understand” it all.

He continues with his dual placation: “…and we feel the same way about the importance of our flag, the importance of patriotism,…” is that what this is about, patriotism? Three cheers for Goodell to stand-up for patriotism and the flag , but, but, “….and I believe our players feel that way. They will state to you and they have stated to everyone publicly, they’re not doing this in any way to be disrespectful to the flag but they also understand how it’s being interpreted.”  They said so themselves! Then why does he want to get it to zero?

Let’s get this straight, the players are upset and decided to “respect” the flag a little differently than anyone else. It’s all a big misunderstanding. If this is just a new and improved version of honoring the flag then what does that have to do with race or shootings or whatever the reason of the week is? It’s like using a spoon instead of a fork at a wedding because you don’t like the groom.

I think I would have more respect for the players if they said exactly what their kneeling really means and stuck to their guns. But like their boss they want to have it both ways and say they’re not reaaaally unpatriotic, why, according to reports they asked veterans for advice on just how to go about it all without, you know, looking like jerks. I don’t believe it.  It doesn’t make any sense.


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