RINO ‘Republican Main Street Partnership’ accepts funds from unexpected source

RINO group takes union money
RINO group takes union money

Conservatives have known that a RINO-affiliated and RINO-supporting organizations orgaganized by progressive Republicans, mis-named the “Republican Main Street Partnership” is an extremely progressive group, that desires Republicans take positions to the left and become a clone of the Democrat Party. Some in Congress who affiliate with this group vote for progressive policies more often than some members of the Democrat caucus.

While the mainstream media and some on the left call the Republican Main Street Partnership “centrist,” it is very much to the left and it was created to support Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) in public office.

The Hill reported recently that the Republican Main Street Partnership has accepted donations from unions on the far left, that normally bankroll far left candidates who are most often running on the Democrat ticket. The Hill reported, “Public records show the donors include the SEIU C.O.P.E. Fund, the transportation trades department of the AFL-CIO, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and the United Transportation Union PAC.”

The current leadership of the Republican Party in Congress is attending a conference put on by this group, this weekend, in Florida. The Hill quotes a prominent conservative activist affilated with the conservative group, The Madison Project, about the leadership attending the conference put on by the Republican Main Street Partnership.

This is another example of power over principles and connections over conservatism. Everyone knows that this group is full of pro-choice members and is funded by big labor groups committed to defeating conservatives,” said Daniel Horowitz, policy director at The Madison Project and a contributing editor at RedState.com, an influential conservative website.

Associations are important in Congress and it is clear that these associations speak louder than their conservative rhetoric,” Horowitz added. “This is why conservatives have zero confidence in the current leadership slate.”

Both Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are facing conservative primary challengers supported by many key groups in the conservative movement, conservative citizens and members of the TEA Party movement.

The Hill reported, “The Republican Main Street Partnership PAC lists three GOP senators, Susan Collins (Maine), Mark Kirk (Ill.) and John McCain (Ariz.), and more than 50 House Republicans as its members.”

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