Reverend Oprah for President?

Obama 2.0

Is America ready for Obama 2.0?

Oprah Winfrey is making noise like she might run for president against Trump in 2020.
Most of my friends are laughing out loud at the thought that Oprah could win…I am not laughing.

She is a godless flaming liberal and that means that she already has 55 guaranteed electoral votes (California).

Hillary came close to winning in 2016 and she was hated by most of the left. Oprah is as loved as Hillary was hated. She has a long history of tweaking the heartstrings with stories of poor children and puppy dogs and to the left, that makes her qualified to be Commander in Chief.

Oprah is absolutely anti-Christian and has openly ridiculed America’s Christian heritage. That means, of course, that she will continue the Obama persecution of Christians, especially those who dare to stand against the destruction of gender and marriage in America.

Militant liberal organizations would play Oprah like a fiddle. Child Protection Services would push to snatch children from Christian homes, militant homosexuals would have unprecedented access to elementary schools and illegals and Islamists would be given the red carpet treatment as they invade the USA.

The 2020 elections will decide if the Bill of Rights is secure or if the liberal attacks on freedom will intensify. “President Oprah” could appoint more than one Supreme Court Justice and that would be disastrous for the USA.

Trump is holding the line, defending the Constitution as best he knows how.
But the Trump Phenomenon is only temporary.  Unless We The People hit the streets to loudly and vigorously support the Trump agendas, the GOP will sabotage Mr. Trump when the time is right.

If the Democrats win the majority in Congress in 2018, impeaching Trump will be their top priority. If they impeach, it will then go to the Senate for a trial and there we have Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. Does anybody trust those two to stand up for America? I certainly don’t.

Wake up America. Our sacred freedom has never been more in jeopardy. This is the 2nd American Revolution. We fought to defeat British tyranny in the first one…today we must defeat liberal tyranny. And it is far more entrenched than the British ever were.