Rev. Peterson Launches the Season Premiere of ‘THE FALLEN STATE’

Rev. Peterson Launches the Season Premiere of ‘THE FALLEN STATE’
Introducing “THE FALLEN STATE” with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (Web Series)

BOND Founder and President Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a conservative, will be launching his new Web TV series “The Fallen State” where he conducts interviews with people in and around Los Angeles, CA., as many people did not know what the fallen state is as some were in it and proud of it.

Peterson shares how he recently explored a sampling of YouTube videos and realized how far we in America have fallen. Peterson explores why men are not acting like responsible men, young adolescent boys and girls grinding on one another, corporate-sponsored “Gay Pride” parades with sexual displays in front of children and other morals that have fallen to a decaying society.

Peterson explains that ultimately the ills of society are the fault of weak men. The worst thing Jesse Lee Peterson has seen in the world has not been “the radical homosexuals” or “the radical feminists” destroying children, but weak men failing the women and children, and leaving them defenseless against evil.

The audience responded to a story of a man who took care of his wife and family, but whose wife turned the children against him and eventually left him. This man told Jesse that his wife left because he did not love her. She later expressed to friends she would be willing to return if he asked her to come back. However, he said he did not ask her to leave, so he would not ask her to return.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Men and women in the audience criticized the man Jesse told of for not loving his wife and not chasing her, although he had done everything right by her, according to the story. However, one man suggested the possibility that this man may actually have truly loved his wife but not known it, because his love was not emotional, but rather was loyal and dutiful.

Peterson said, “The man in the story’s love is like God’s love. Real love is not emotional, does not manipulate and is not manipulated, but does what is right by all people. Since we are in the fallen state, we cannot recognize love or give love. The fallen state is separation from God. Only God has love to give… we must be restored from our fallen state into God’s love.”

The first official taping of “The Fallen State” occurred on Sunday, January 3rd, 2016, that lasted from 5-6pm PT at the BOND studio in Los Angeles and the series will begin Sunday, January 10 at 5 p.m. in Los Angeles with special guests, AlfonZo and Carrie Rachel. This first season will be taped over 13 weeks from January 3, 2016 through March 27, 2016.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

AlfonZo Rachel is a well-known commentator for PJTV.com and is a drummer for 20lb Sledge. He and his wife are Christians and have been married for 11 years and this week’s first episode will focus on Christian marriages and how to make the relationships work.

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