Who is responsible (and not responsible) for ISIS?

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CaptureWhat do ISIS and Barack Obama have in common (apart from the obvious)? Both have a tendency to shift the blame for problems they have created.

Actually, that’s not fair. In the case of ISIS, it’s defenders of the terrorist organization — not the butchers themselves — that seek to shift responsibility for its barbarism.

So who is ultimately accountable for the rise of this most ruthless of terrorist enterprises to date and for bloody swath they have cut throughout the Middle East? On this point, liberals from Obama on down are in agreement. Namely, it’s not the religion of Islam.

For starters, here’s MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry (via the Right Scoop’s Soopermexican):

They lure us into a conversation about religious identity rather than one about geopolitical strategy, and so on the one hand we go back and talk about an Ottoman Empire as though it is about Islam instead of talking about what happens in a post-World War I world where peoples are divided by European nations…

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Another theory posits that ISIS has its roots in “all of the above.” From PressTV:

The United Stated, Israel and Saudi Arabia have jointly created the ISIL … an Iranian lawmaker says.

“The ISIL terrorist group is the joint product of the US, the Zionist regime [of Israel] and Saudi Arabia in the region and there is no doubt about that…,” spokesman for Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Seyyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini, said on Sunday.

Washington’s claim to be fighting the ISIL is not real and is a lie as the US has never taken serious and practical measures to combat the terrorist group, Naqavi Hosseini added.

He further stressed that claims about fighting the Takfiri militants are merely political and military gestures made by the US government to respond to the public opinion.

At least no one is blaming George W. Bush … yet.

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