Republicans Defeat a Republican

Judge Roy Moore lost the senate race. He was the Ten Commandments judge who went to the mat for America’s Christian heritage even though it cost him dearly. That is what America needs in its leadership today, men who will stand bravely for what is right.
The good people of America lost a senate seat, but we can rejoice that one of the most evil men in America also lost his senate seat. Al Franken was run out of town. Franken was pushing for legislation that would require the homosexualizing of every kindergartner in America.
Ironic that it was sexual misconduct that got Franken thrown out and uncorroborated accusations of sexual misconduct that sabotaged Roy Moore’s campaign.

But the most sickening thing about the Roy Moore loss was how the entrenched Republicans brutally sabotaged Moore. It is clear that Moore was determined to clean up political corruption in Washington DC and the Republicans attacked their own candidate. What a shameful chapter in American politics.

I am done with the Republican Party. Their betrayal of American values can no longer be tolerated. For eight years I believed them when they promised to defund and repeal Obama’s illegal take over of our health care system. Then, when the Republicans were in position to do it, they completely betrayed us and now America is stuck with Obamacare…permanently.
Over and over again the Republicans have violated the trust of the American people and I have walked away from the Republican Party.
I am now serving as media director for the Constitution Party Florida. The Constitution Party is the number three party in America and the only party to stand strong for traditional American values, including the Christian heritage of the USA.

Every major problem this nation is facing can be traced to walking away from the biblical foundations upon which the USA was established.
George Washington said “It is impossible to rightly govern without God and the Bible.”
The enemies of freedom have waged war against our Christian heritage, literally banning it from the halls of government and look at the mess we have now.
The vilest sexual perversions run rampant though our schools and culture.
Politics has become nothing but layer upon layer of lies and deception.
Our media has degenerated into left wing propaganda machines.

Roy Moore was one man who wanted to bring America back to her godly heritage and it made him a target.
Evil men destroyed Roy Moore personally and professionally. But we must not let that discourage the rest of us from continuing the fight for the America that our Founding Fathers gave us.
If the USA is to enjoy liberty and justice for all, it will be because good men and women found the courage to challenge and defeat the agendas of the left.

Ronald Reagan said “We are never defeated unless we give up on God.”