Republican Power Couple, Cruz and Trump, Have First Date in New York

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Trump-CruzTed Cruz and Donald Trump, the guts of the Republican Party, met today in New York at the luxurious Trump Plaza.  The meeting took place during a period where everyone else is running like hell from Trump’s remarks on the high amount of felonies racked up by illegal aliens pouring over the open borders created by Obama and his Democratic co-conspirators.  Despite his accurate depiction of the illegal alien problem, only Ted Cruz had the intestinal fortitude to back up Trump even as everyone else was piling on.  Both Cruz and Trump could bring out the voters who have stayed home the last couple of presidential elections.

An alliance between the two makes perfect sense for many reasons.  Should one or the other have to drop out of the primaries, due to lack of support, an endorsement from them to the survivor would be crucial.  They both have similar messages, so one can feed off the other, drawing more attention to the issues that they own and draw a huge distinction between Trump and Cruz and the rest of the field.  (With the possible exception of Scott Walker, who is a proven fighter but has thus far shied away from the really tough issues)…

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