Report: Paris police order Jews to cancel public Hanukkah celebrations in light of terror attack

hanukkahCiting a tweet by Miri Michaeli, a correspondent based in London, the Times of Israel reported that Paris police ordered Jews to cancel “most” public Hanukkah candle-lighting in the city due to security concerns raised by the recent terror attack in that city.

About two hours later, however, she said in a followup tweet that some celebrations may be permitted.

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A translation, provided by Bing, read:


The Times translated the tweet:

The tweet reads, in Hebrew: “Chabad: Paris police order [us] to cancel most of our public [Hanukkah] candlelighting in the city, in light of the terror attack and the fear of additional attacks. Efforts [are underway] to approve a candlelighting at the foot of the Eiffel [Tower].”

She later tweeted:


Some, however, questioned her report:

Others, however, see it as a victory for ISIS and sharia law:


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