Report: Killer of Kentucky cop supporter of Black Lives Matter

cop-killerOn Monday, Infowars said that Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, the suspect in the killing of Kentucky State Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, has been identified as a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

According to Paul Joseph Watson, Johnson-Shanks posted images on his Facebook page under the pseudonym “Jay MileHigh.”

Watson added:

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Johnson-Shanks’s involvement with ‘Black Lives Matter’ is particularly concerning given that the movement’s inspiration is a convicted cop killer on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ list, and numerous supporters of BLM have threatened to kill cops in the past…

He also posted screenshots like the one below:

jmh1“Officials stated in a release that when Ponder tried to pull over the suspect, the suspect took off, leading Ponder on an eight-mile, high-speed chase,” KSDK reported. “The chase ended when the suspect slammed his brakes, causing Ponder to crash into his vehicle. The suspect then reportedly fired several shots into the cruiser, striking Ponder. He died about an hour later at the hospital.”

Johnson-Shanks was later shot dead after he was cornered by police.

Exit question: How high does the body count have to be before Black Lives Matter is labeled a hate group?


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