Report: ISIS terrorists murder hundreds of Iraqi soldiers with chemical agent

gas attackRemember when liberals said George Bush lied about the presence of WMDs in Iraq?  Seems that ISIS terrorists had no problem finding them.  And they had no problem using them against Iraqi soldiers, the National Iraqi News Agency reported Monday.

According to several Iraqi officials, hundreds were killed when ISIS terrorists used chlorine gas.

The National Iraqi News Agency said:

Terrorist, Daash used Chlorine gas in the area of Saqlawiyah, after surrounding more than 400 soldiers, which led to the death of three hundreds of them because of suffocation.

“The media picked up another terrible crime committed by the terrorist Daash, where its terrorist elements surrounded military unit to do its job in defending the homeland, then do the execution of its adherents were their families after running out of ammunition,” said Vice President Osama Nujaifi, who called the attack a “heinous crime.”

On Monday, air forces of the United States and “partner nations” launched strikes against ISIS targets in Syria.

Obama, meanwhile, insists he won’t use ground troops against ISIS.


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