Report: Gennifer Flowers says she has more secret tapes of Bill Clinton

Gennifer-Flowers-4While speaking with radio host Aaron Klein, Gennifer Flowers said that not only has she accepted responsibility for her long affair with former President Bill Clinton, she also reportedly still has tapes of conversations with Clinton secured in a safety deposit box.

The Daily Mail said she chose not not to make them public because her mother is still alive and in bad health and the recordings are an insurance policy she said is helping keep her alive.

“It’s something that he (Bill) is aware that I have and it’s probably the reason that I’m still around,” she said.  “It’s been sort of my safety net. And that’s another decision that’s part of the decision to release it or hold on to it and hope that it helps with my safety.”

WND added:

Flowers has been described as the most famous mistress in America. She said the news media got it wrong in describing a 12-year affair. Her relationship with Bill was 14 years and not 12, she said. “Two of those years we weren’t seeing each other but we were communicating,” she related.

Klein inquired whether Flowers still loves and misses Clinton. “He was the love of my life,” she responded. “And I believe I was the love of his life.”

Here’s part one of her conversation with Klein:


Parts two and three can be seen here.


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