Report: Arizona high school allegedly said U.S. flags, pro-Donald Trump gear racist, offensive

corona_del_sol-400x242According to a report at, Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona, a school whose student body is nicknamed “The Tribe,” banned U.S. flags and pro-Donald Trump gear — among other things — from a Friday football game because it might be considered racist or offensive.  The report, however, is being denied by school officials.

The game against Marcos de Niza High School was originally set to have a USA theme, but administrators reportedly changed their mind, fearing the theme might offend some in the rival school.

Breitbart added:

“The Tribe tweeted out that the theme for the game would be “USA,” and students should wear red, white and blue. Administration recognized that this theme had negative connotations,” according to a statement Thursday by the Editorial Board of the Corona student newspaper.

“This is not something that can be denied—past games, even as far back as over eight years ago, have showcased themes and chants that appeared racist or offensive toward Marcos [school]. The theme was changed to “Orange Out” after the administration decided it was best to avoid any possible offensive connotations the theme would have.”

The student publication informed students that “Students dressed inappropriately will not be admitted.”

When a Twitter user asked what constituted inappropriate dress, the publication responded that American flags and Donald Trump merchandise is considered too offensive:

school3The tweet has since been deleted, which seems to be standard operating procedure in cases like this.

Fox News reported:

The district, however, denied the report, and the Corona article quoted by Breitbart has been deleted.  So, too, have comments at the school’s Facebook page.

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The district tweeted:

A number of people aren’t buying the school’s explanation.

Good question.  Apparently, you’re not supposed to believe your lying eyes…

Another good question.  The Arizona Central reported:

Here’s what really happened: There were a group of Corona students who were purposely trying to antagonize Marcos. Wearing a Trump shirt just to poke at Marcos is offensive. Would it be OK for students to paint their faces black if they were playing a school whose students were primarily African-American?

The report added:

Corona’s administration, fearing fan violence, asked students to wear orange, a school color. Principal Brent Brown sent a letter to Corona families that read in part, “We embrace the rivalry between the two schools and want to avoid the disparaging actions that have been tied to it in the past. I am reaching out to ask you for your help in sharing the importance of sportsmanship and representing Corona del Sol High School in a way that makes us all proud.

One site called it a “psyop.”  So, what say you?  Who do you believe?  Let us know in the comments below.


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