Rep. Peter King (Jerk-N.Y.): I can dish it out but I can’t take it

peterkingIt seems that Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., can dish out the anti-Cruz hate like anyone else afflicted with Cruz Derangement Syndrome, but he can’t stand it when people respond.

Keep in mind this is the same jerk who called Cruz a “carnival barker” and promised to hurl himself off a bridge if Cruz won the nomination.  Now he’s out whining like a baby because Cruz supporters have the nerve to react in anger.

Mediaite reported:

Well, while Cruz himself has chosen not to respond to King, his supporters are giving the New York Republican a piece of their minds. And King released a statement, obtained by The Washington Post, speaking out about the “vulgar, rabid and adolescent type-phone calls my office has received from Cruz supporters.”

King, always quick to throw the haterade at conservatives, said Cruz supporters suffer “from severe cases of arrested development.”

“I owe it to my staff – particularly the female members and young interns – to make this statement,” he said.

Translation:  “WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!”  Or better yet: “I can dish out crap, but I can’t take it.”

Hey, Pete, here’s a news flash for ya.  When you slam someone the way you have, you’re gonna get some blowback.

Don’t like it?  Then shut your pie-hole, and start acting like a human being instead of an “a-dub.”


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