Rep. Omar’s Anti-American, Criminally-Inciting Daughter….The Apple & The Tree….RIOTS: Ilhan Omar and Her Daughter Encourage Chaos and Mayhem in the Minnesota Streets

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INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKIIf anyone is foolish enough to believe that (one of) the spawn of anti-American, pro-jihadi Rep. Omar “misspoke” in her overt support for the continued mayhem, chaos, arson, and total destruction of Minneapolis, one would be deadly wrong! In fact, just last week, as the nation celebrated Memorial Day, Omar’s wretched daughter called U.S. soldiers bitches, yes, bitches! Hey, devil-spawn, tell us what you really think!!

But before we go any further re the aforementioned she-devil, let’s be very clear: The officer involved in the death should be sent to prison, after all, they caught him dead to rights! But make no mistake: The burning down of a city has zero justification. Zero. For if such was the case, how many cities would be aflame for the killing of Jews just because they were Jews — by many blacks, no less?? Exactly.

So, let’s dare not exculpate those who will use any and every justification for creating riotous mayhem — let alone their accomplices who spur on more of the same. Even more so, the very same actions by Rep. Omar’s  criminally-inciting daughter must be investigated. Forthwith. Not only that, ask yourselves: What would happen if the daughter (or son) of a white, Christian (or Jewish) rep committed the same blatant incitement to violence, would they be given a (jail) pass? Think about that double standard!] By Shane Trejo May 28, 2020
This is Somali-style justice brought to America due to the migrant-trafficking program.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her daughter are pushing for the chaos and mayhem in the streets of Minneapolis, Minn. that has turned the streets into a Somali-style war zone.

Our anger is just. Our anger is warranted. And our priority right now must be protecting one another.

Her daughter, Isra Hirsi re-tweeted a message calling for supplies to be brought to assist the terrorist far-left rioters who are turning the streets of Minnesota into a sub-Saharan hellscape:

Minneapolis has turned into an apocalyptic scene with the help of Omar and her daughter. The scenes from tonight’s “protests” should make any decent American want to cry.

The superstore chain Target was looted by hordes of opportunistic multicultural diverse individuals as soon as the town descended into madness……………………………………………………………………………………………………

As such, if justice is to prevail, haul Isra Hirsi’s a*s in for questioning. NOW!

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