Rep Jim Jordan Demolishes Hillary on Benghazi Lies

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 19: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) questions witnesses during a House Oversight Committee hearing entitled 'Reviews of the Benghazi Attack and Unanswered Questions,' in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill, September 19, 2013 in Washington, DC. Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) is continuing to lead the GOP investigation of the Sept. 11, 2012, assaults that killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)Rep. Jim Jordan absolutely destroyed Hillary Clinton on her lies on the attack in Benghazi.  Jordan pointed out that Hillary told the American people that the attack was the result of video that insulted the Prophet Mohammed.  But he pointed out that she sent out three emails including one to the president of Egypt.  In all three emails, she told them that the attack was made by an Al Qaeda terrorist group.

Hillary tried to say that she said that some people were blaming the attack on the video.  Time and time again, Jordan read her own words back to her and asked her why she could be honest to everyone else but lied to the American people.  She kept insisting there was confusion in the intelligence community, but could not provide a single example of any intelligence that suggested anyone in the intelligence community blamed anything other than a terrorist attack.  The White House rewrote the intelligence report to remove references of terrorists and blamed the video.

Clinton then pointed out that there were protests in Cairo.  Jordan pointed out that in Cairo, protesters used only rocks and spray paint.  But in Benghazi they were using mortars and automatic weapons of war.  Jordan then gave his explanation of the situation.  It was 56 days before the election and Obama felt the American people could accept an attack because of a video but a terrorist attack after Obama and his minions said that Al Qaeda had been neutered and on the run would create political problems.

My new readers will not be aware of this but I had a series called the Skillful Sleuth, who had hidden microphones in the White House.  One was about what led up to the attack on Benghazi.  I hope you enjoy it:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Skillful Sleuth Super Scoop

In the war room of the Obama campaign in the White House, I recorded a remarkable meeting between President Obama and his campaign staff and Jay Carney, AKA Liar for Hire.  Without any further ado, here we go.

Obama:  You must all be wondering why I called you in here today.  Our campaign has hit a little bump.  It seems that people are upset that we just now finally admitted that the attack in Libya was a preplanned terrorist attack.  Now they are calling us liars.

Biden:  Let’s sue them for definition of character.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!

Obama:  We are changing our story back to the original one.  This was a demonstration against an Internet movie that no one saw and it got out of hand.

Jay Carney:  But we can’t do that.  We were already busted on that story.

Obama:  Maybe before.  But now we have proof.

Carney:  Proof?

Obama:  Yes, proof.  I have here a home video from Libya that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the attack was not the work of terrorists but a spontaneous incident brought on by a few Muslims who got just a bit out of hand.  David, the lights, please.

(With a few clicks, David Axlerod starts the DVD player.  The movie begins with 3 Muslims, two men and a woman, preparing a picnic basket.)

Hamid:  Nasri, did you pack the lamb sandwiches?

Nasri:  Yes, Hamid.  Lamb sandwiches, chicken mughlai, 2 IEDs, and a pint of goat’s milk.

Abdullah:  You are bringing IEDs?  Why?

Hamid:  You never know when one of these picnic demostrations could get out of hand and I don’t want to be unprepared.

Abdullah:  Do you think I should run home and get a few mortars?

Hamid:  Do you have any?

Abdullah:  I have a few left over from last year’s Ramadan fireworks display.

Hamid:  Well, it can’t hurt.  Amir is bringing a few grenades, Jamil, a couple of AK 47s, and Khalid is bringing some KY jelly.

Abdullah:  Well, I don’t want to be the only one showing up with nothing .  I’ll meet you near the embassy.

(The film stops then starts again near the US embassy.)

Hamid:  This goat milk must have come from a goat in heat.  I’m wasted.

Abdullah:  Oh Hamid, the colors, the colors.

Amir:  There’s spiders crawling all over me.  That’s it.  I’m going to kill them with one of my grenades.

(When the grenade went off, the crowd goes wild and begin burning, looting, and break down the doors on selected safe houses.  Film ends)

Obama:  And if that isn’t proof enough, I have an affidavit from Hamid and Abdullah, swearing the tape is unedited by NBC, who was holding it for safe keeping.

Carney:  This affidavit is a fake.

Obama:  Why do you say that, Jay?

Carney:  Well, it’s written in crayon on a ham sandwich wrapper from 7-11.  Did you get this from the same guy who  produced your birth certificate by any chance?

Obama:  I had to.  He sent me his birthday money, his anniversary money, and his pizza money.  I felt I owed him something.

Carney:  And Hamid looks suspiciously like Kal Penn.

Obama:  Well, he’s one of the 1%.  He could afford to go to Libya.  And you know how he likes to party.

Axlerod:  maybe we should go to plan B.

Obama:  What’s Plan B?

Axlerod:  Actually we have none in keeping with your leadership style.

Biden:  Oh, sheesh.  If it uses Bo’s leadership, it will never work.

In Unison:  Shut up, Joe!!


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