Rep Bridenstine: Cruz Most Electable Candidate GOP Has

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ted_cruz2Rep. Jim Bridenstine endorsed Ted Cruz for president, claiming he is the only candidate who firmly clings to the conservative ideology.  He is also very impressed by Cruz, because he is an excellent fundraiser and is well disciplined and not prone to costly gaffes.  Bridenstine says that Cruz has the best chance of defeating Hillary or Bernie in 2016

Bridenstine pointed out that even the most conservative candidate turns moderate due to the influence of lobbyist money and cash coming from the RNC to make sure they listen to the liberals in charge of the House and Senate.  He says that if anything, Cruz has become even more conservative after arriving in Washington.

From Bridenstine’s endorsement that appeared in Breitbart News:

I have seen Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) meet the test by standing up to the Washington Cartel. In 2013, when both political parties suggested we needed to change our approach to the Second Amendment, he fought back and came out the winner. In the same year, when both political parties were moving at breakneck speed to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that included amnesty, once again fought back, stood against the Washington Cartel, and came out the winner.

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