Reintroducing a proposal for Congress: The guilty liberal tax bracket

On Wednesday, Twitchy reported that Terry McGlynn, the editor-in-chief of Small Pond Science, went ballistic over news that the GOP tax cut bill passed.  In response, he whined that he doesn’t want a tax cut.  Liberals across the country, led by the so-called “mainstream media,” have engaged in a collective meltdown over the notion that some 80 percent of Americans will get to keep some of their own money.  So I decided to reintroduce something I first suggested at the now defunct back in 2011 — the guilty liberal tax bracket, with some important changes to reflect the times.

My initial proposal was called the guilty “rich” liberal tax bracket, but I decided to expand that to include all liberals, not just those making more than $500,000 per year.

At the time, I sarcastically suggested:

Congress should immediately amend the U.S. tax code to include a special bracket – the Guilty Rich Liberal (GRL) bracket.

This bracket would consist of liberals who earn more than $500,000 per year.

Those who fall in that bracket would be required to pay 100% of everything they make, retroactive for the last ten years.

In addition, everything they own — houses, cars, planes, businesses, furniture, clothing, stocks, bonds, etc., would be confiscated by the government and sold at auction with the proceeds going to the U.S. Treasury.

The GRL would be allowed to keep the clothes on his or her back, but literally everything else would become the property of the government.

In recognition of his or her “sacrifice,” the GRL would be given a certificate good for the down payment on a Chevy Volt and a week’s rent at the nearest Motel 6.

I’ve since had a change of heart, given the way liberals have reacted to Trump since his election.

For example — I’ve decided that anyone who identifies as a liberal should fall within this tax bracket, not just those making more than $500,000.  I’ve also decided that the bracket should be retroactive to include all income the liberal taxpayer has ever made in his or her lifetime.

The confiscation and sale of all property would remain in place, but the provision giving a down payment on a Chevy Volt and a week’s rent at a Motel 6 would be rescinded.

I initially proposed: “The bracket should doubly apply for elected officials, including the president. For them, the tax would be retroactive for twenty years.”

That provision would be amended to simply read that elected liberals would be included in this bracket.

I also wrote:

Of course, such a tax could only be levied once and it would, in all likelihood, cause thousands to become unemployed, but the government could use the confiscated funds to pay for their unemployment.

Imagine how good this would make liberals like Michael Moore, Doug Edwards and Warren Buffett feel, as their guilt would be assuaged and their income redistributed to the “less fortunate.”

One can easily visualize the joy Al Gore would express as government agents confiscate his carbon-spewing, greenhouse-gas emitting jets.

One can also imagine the joy that rich liberals like Rosie O’Donnell would feel having everything she has ever owned taken from her and redistributed to less fortunate conservatives…

Of course we’re being sarcastic, but one can dream, right?  After all, it would only be fair, given that liberals think all money belongs to the government…

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