‘Redneck’ Toby Keith: Obama comment stuns arrogant liberals

Toby Keith's version of a soft drink: Hard liquor in a plastic Solo cup. (CBS News screen grab)
Toby Keith’s version of a soft drink: Hard liquor in a plastic Solo cup. (CBS News screen grab)

Toby Keith has taken quite a bit of public ridicule for performing at Donald Trump’s pre-inauguration concert held on The National Mall just a few hours before his swearing-in as the nation’s 45th President.

While precious snowflakes and other assorted spawn of helicopter moms who still haven’t cut the umbilical cord continue to vent their collective spleens, Keith’s impromptu on-stage comment just may have taken the wind out the their sails.

One example of those who’ve launched ad hominem attacks against the Country & Western singer goes by the nom de Twitter of glitterbitch. Not only does she describes herself in a fashion that any objective person could conclude on their own in about five seconds, she also dismissed Keith as merely the personification of “redneck”;

Yet at the 1:40:30 mark of the video, Keith quickly reels off a litany of those he’d like to thank. One of those mentioned not only caught many by surprise, but also gave an indication of Keith’s depth of character and undeniable class.

As reported by Taylor Weatherby of Billboard magazine (emphasis mine);

Toby Keith has always been a stalwart of American pride, but that was even more apparent on Thursday (Jan. 19) when he took the stage to perform at the Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration and Concert ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Kicking off his uber-patriotic performance with a passionate rendition of “American Soldier,” the superstar country singer paid tribute to both the outgoing and incoming presidents.

“Thanks to Barack Obama for your service, and thanks to the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump,” Keith told the crowd before going into “Made In America” with an American flag backdrop and a red solo cup to boot.

Perhaps best summing up the attitude of those intimately familiar with red Solo cups would be Garrett Moores, Quarterback/Holder at the University of Michigan.

The young scholar-athlete was also the latest recipient of the 2016 Mortell Holder of the Year Award. As explained by Moores, “THE most prestigious award in college football.”

As a final note, we intend to have a live feed running during Trump’s inauguration.  Contributor Bobbie Gerry is working to get that set up and plans to bring us live video and reports from Washington, D.C., so stay tuned here for that.  As of now, the stream is set to start Friday morning at 6:30 am Pacific time, 9:30 am Eastern.


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