Red House Family Isn’t What They Seem; Portland Mayor Bought the Lie, Caves to Antifa

It turns out there is a lot more to the story that we previously reported on the Red House Family, and the Antifa “autonomous” zone in Portland. And it is a doozy.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler demanded that there would be no autonomous zone in Portland and authorized police to tear it down. They were completely empty words. When the police were met with armed guards and massive resistance from Antifa reinforcements, Wheeler decided to “negotiate” with the terrorists.

The city of Portland has negotiated with the BLM-antifa at the autonomous zone and reached an agreement. The details of that deal aren’t known but antifa have now agreed to let the barricades come down. The area is absolutely trashed. Andy Ngo on Twitter

Antifa claims the red house family would be homeless if evicted. Not.

The Kinney Family, hereafter known as the “red house family” failed to pay their mortgage or property taxes since 2017 and their house was foreclosed on in 2018. Turns out they own a second house about 2 miles away, where they actually live. That second house was purchased in 1996.

The red house went up for auction and was purchased by a man from Ukraine, Roman Ozeruga, who came to this country as a child. He is willing to sell the house back to the red house family for cost, as he has been threatened.

It also turns out that the red house family is also part of the “sovereign citizen” movement, and do not believe the US government or Portland, or any other government has jurisdiction over them.

Then there’s the GoFundMe that has raised over $300,000 for them to re-purchase the home. The GoFundMe account falsely claimed that the red house family was the victim of “gentrification” and “racism.” Into this swamp comes Mayor Ted Wheeler, whose desire to appease terrorists caused the Portland Police to once again be stymied from getting rid of the riffraff.

The barriers put up by Antifa/BLM started to come down on Sunday, according to reports. The Antifa/BLM militants had set booby traps and created about 6 layers of barricades to prevent police from entering their “autonomous zone.” During the reported “negotiations,” the Mayor’s offie caved to their demands. But it was only to “continue negotiations,” not to actually stop the charade.

Barricades started to come down on Sunday after a deal was reached between the family and the Mayor’s Office to continue negotiations. The exact details of the arrangement are unclear, but social media reports police agreed they would not intervene in the future.

Wheeler and Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell also apologized for having the audacity to demand last week that a lawless autonomous zone come down.

“We apologize and understand that following our tweets earlier this week that your family received threats,” Wheeler wrote in a letter. “We did not intend to attract attention that results in threats of harm and violence to your family or that escalated tensions in our community. Nobody should be subjected to this kind of stress and harm, and we apologize for the role our tweets played in this.” Jason Rantz at MyNorthwest.com

Travesty – False narrative of the red house family and Antifa

This Tweet is an important lesson:

Whenever Antifa or BLM is involved in anything, you can guarantee there’s more to the story and their narrative is off in some way. They are not “altruistic” and facts don’t matter to them. Portland’s mayor fell for the lies, (as he always does) as did the people who contributed to the fundraiser. The red house family is not what they were purported to be, and neither is this entire scenario.

“They must leave or be removed. They do not own, nor are they renters. The Covid Rental Protection scenario does not apply. They refuse to take responsibility for a decision they made years ago. The protesters are attaching themselves to a red herring.

The mayor is setting another bad precedent. Will he negotiate every foreclosure from now on? Does his opinion have any legal bearing? Nope. Antifa is wrecking the once-beautiful Portland area and driving away businesses and business opportunities in droves. 

The Columbia River area, once known for neat cottages and houseboats, is now looking like a third-world country’s shanty town with human waste in the water.  Many parts of downtown are filled with homeless encampments.  These policies from our state and local governments have both literally and figuratively killed Portland as we knew it. Ken Outfleet at Law Enforcement Today

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