Recent polls…evidence of low-information voters

low-information-voters-zombies-politics-1356509475I often visit the web site Real Clear Politics to look at the latest polls on the president’s approval rating and some of the special elections going on. They also have polls recently taken for future races and elections taking place next year. I looked at some of the recent polls RCP has listed today and I”m instantly reminded, we have a very SERIOUS low information voter problem, how else to explain where voters are leaning in these polls?

Let’s take a look a few and I’ll offer some commentary on them.

First the special election to fill the senate seat formerly held by John Kerry in Massachusetts. The ultra-liberal Democrat Ed Markey is up by 20 percent in two polls and 10 percent in another. Republican Gabriel Gomez appears to have little odds of winning that seat in the special election this coming Tuesday. To paraphrase Roger Ailes speaking of Joe Biden, Ed Markey is also as dumb as an ashtray. Remember, this is the moron who said balancing the budget isn’t a matter of mathematics, but simple arithmetic. Don’t ask the idiot to do any Algebra or Geometry.

In the special election New Jersey, expected Democrat nominee is easily beating the Republican candidate Steve Lonegan in all polls. Booker is puff and fluff and looks good on television, and the media loves him, but Lonegan could actually be a real senator if he’s elected. But low-information voters like the celebrity type candidates. That’s why they still love Barack Hussein Kardashian.

For the expected match up for governor of Florida next year, Quinnipiac has done a poll of voters in the state. Assuming the Democrat nominee is that absolute schmuck opportunitistic dirtbag politicians who has no principles at all, Charlie Crist, former RINO governor as a Republican, get the Democrat nomination he would beat incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott by 10 percent, 47 percent to 37 percent. Really? Are that voters that stupid that they would put that loser back in office against in the highest office in the state?

And then there are the infamous Right Direction, Wrong Track surveys. RCP reports one done by Reuters where 59 percent said the country is on the wrong track, and an astounding 25 percent of those surveyed said the country is heading in the right direction. Really? What are those 25 percent smoking? The economy has make no improvement under the Obama Regime, our foreign policy is an embarrassing failure as the Regime continues to cover up and hide what happened that night in Benghazi, and the Regime is now hopelessly drowning in scandal after scandal after scandal all of which show how thoroughly corrupt this government truly is right now. And 25 percent look at this picture and say the country is heading it the right direction? Or maybe they aren’t looking at this picture. That might be the problem. Low-information voters again.

We are in serious danger of losing the country due to such massive wide-scale ignorance of higher and higher percentages of voters. And the Regime want to push through this “common core” dis-education plan to dumb down the citizens attending government schools even more, because they know the more low-information voters we dis-educate in our government schools, the more of them will vote for liberal Democrats. Keep the people ignorant, un-informed, and stupid and they keep voting Democrat. The polls show the strategy is already working quite well.

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low information voters
low information voter from the documentary “How Obama got Elected”

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