Rasmussen: Voters agree with Trump that America comes first

Trump Islamic inaugural
Donald Trump gives inaugural address

A brand new Rasmussen Reports survey released Monday revealed that 52 percent of likely voters who responded to a national telephone and online survey agree with President Donald Trump that America comes first.

In his inaugural address last Friday – one of the shortest inaugural speeches in recent memory – Trump was forcefully blunt, stating, “From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. America first.”

According to Rasmussen, 37 percent disagree with Trump’s philosophy, and 11 percent are undecided.

This begs the question: Who are those 37 percent? Were they the marchers in various American cities on Saturday? Are they like the woman who was booted from an airplane for launching a rant against a fellow passenger that was captured on video and has now gone viral? Does that 37 percent include members of the press who seem now to be in a war with the new president and members of his staff? Perhaps most importantly, do they wish for America to become an also-ran, or just last?

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Sunday during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus asserted that, “There’s an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president, and we are not going to sit around and let it happen.”

Could a battle between the Trump administration and the media distract public attention from other administration news? Arguments over such things as crowd size on Inauguration Day or whether a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office take on lives of their own and often become “the” story rather than more meaty matters.

And there are definitely more meaty matters. Trump, in his first official work day in the Oval Office, has already signed some executive orders. According to CBS News, his first three orders of business were to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership, reinstate the “Mexico City Policy” regarding abortion access and non-governmental organizations, and instituting a freeze on hiring for the federal workforce.

The latter might take on an interesting dimension because of reports on social media about the number of federal employees who allegedly threatened to quit their jobs if Trump became president.

Another Rasmussen survey released Monday shows that 89 percent of likely voters closely followed the inauguration and 49 percent rated his first day in office as good or excellent. As one might expect, 83 percent of Republicans gave Trump high marks while only 24 percent of Democrats and 40 percent of independents thought he did well.


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