Rasmussen Reports: Trump back in lead, but is he really?

Clinton floats tinfoil global conspiracy against her led by Putin
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Rasmussen Reports said Thursday morning that its daily White House Watch national poll has GOP nominee Donald Trump out in front again over Hillary Clinton (43-41%) among likely voters, but a rundown of several polls by RealClearPolitics suggests that is not the case.

According to the RealClearPolitics average, Clinton is up 4.6 percent over Trump with less than three weeks to go in a campaign that has fallen into the gutter. Conservative talk hosts are telling their audiences that the “mainstream press” is in the bag for Clinton and is actually coordinating with her campaign. That’s based on some WikiLeaks revelations this week. Thousands of her e-mails have been made public.

Interestingly, another Rasmussen survey released Thursday showed 43 percent of likely voters think “allegations by women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton are worse than Trump’s graphic sexual comments about women. Twenty-eight percent (28%) say Trump’s comments are worse, but nearly as many (26%) think the behavior of the two men is about the same.”

Eighty-four percent of likely voters told Rasmussen that they are now certain how they will vote in the Nov. 8 election, and according to the polling organization, “among these voters, Trump posts a 49% to 46% lead over Clinton.”

However, among voters who might still change their minds, the odds reverse with Clinton holding a 40-37 percent lead, Rasmussen said.

What does it all mean? After cutting through all of the rhetoric on both sides, and looking at how other polls are shaping up, it means that this election will hinge on a huge conservative turnout, not so much for Trump, but to protect the Supreme Court and the Second Amendment.

At the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa, there was no question among delegates that a Clinton victory next month will be a disaster for gun rights. With Clinton making appointments to the Supreme Court and federal courts, she can set the direction of court rulings on gun issues for the next generation.

There is an old tactic employed in politics that roughly translates to this: “If you cannot beat someone on issues, attack their character.”

A final debate is slated next week. It could be muddy, but with veteran newsman Chris Wallace as the moderator, the discussion might be raised back up out of the ditch. Wallace is a no-nonsense interviewer, and there has been no indication that he favors either candidate. He is not afraid to throw hardball questions.

One of the main topics, according to Time magazine, will be the Supreme Court.


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