Rasmussen Poll: St. Louis Overrun By Criminals (VIDEO)

Since the fall of Ferguson, St. Louis has been the targeted destination of nefarious organizations like Black Lives Matter, whose sole purpose is to destroy any semblance of a conservative culture and lifestyle. What better place to target, than this Midwestern city, in a traditionally red state, with a long history of Americana culture.

And the sad thing is, it’s working. BLM is winning.

Most people who are not political wonks do not know these groups are often comprised of thugs paid by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. This week, a new Rasmussen Poll was released. Nearly half of America thinks the protestors in St. Louis are filled with criminals. And they would be right.

Rasmussen Reports:

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 32% of American Adults think the current mob violence in St. Louis is primarily legitimate outrage over what happened, while 47% believe it’s mostly criminals taking advantage of a situation. Twenty-one percent (21%) are not sure.”

The even more disturbing point, not addressed in the survey is, why is the fall of American culture succeeding. Specifically, in Missouri, you can point the finger at Republicans.

In Missouri, we have a super majority of Republicans in the legislature. And for years they cried that they needed a Republican in the Governor’s mansion to get things done. So, Missouri elected Eric Greitens, a former Democrat, Navy SEAL, who turned Republican to win his race.

It was almost a sure bet Missouri would elect a Republican after the Democrat, Governor Jay Nixon, made such a mess out of the Ferguson debacle. Many people are convinced he was taking his marching orders (or lack thereof) from the Obama administration who wanted to see a fiery disaster in Ferguson. And that’s exactly what they got.

So the question is, why does a large percentage of the country think St. Louis is overrun by criminals? Take a look at this video. This week, after many businesses closed, concerts and activities canceled because of the fear of riots, Billy Joel came to town and held a concert at Busch Stadium.

This is now what the citizens of St. Louis face every time they try to attend an event in the city. It’s a sure bet that St. Louis, already a city in decline, is on the fast track to ruin with the invasion of BLM.

After the Jason Stockley acquittal was announced, the governor called up the National Guard, who by the way, have been sitting on their hands in nearby locations, but never deployed. Businesses and the mayor’s house have been vandalized, police officers have been attacked and injured and most people are afraid to go into the city and outlying areas for fear of being attacked by protestors. And yet the Republican governor can’t find the time to step in and take control of the situation, for fear of stepping on the First Amendment rights of, not the taxpayers, but the protestors. Yeah, seriously!

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It’s long past time for conservatives to wake up and smell the snow job. Just because someone runs for office with an “R” behind his or her name doesn’t mean they are conservative or intend to implement conservative agendas. People need to pay attention to candidates’ actions and their backgrounds. If it walks like a duck… Stop placing every Yankee-Doodle schmoozing Republican on a rock-star pedestal and hold their feet to the fire.

Clearly you can take Eric Greitens out of the Democrat Party, but you can’t take the Democrat party of Eric Greitens. He’s obviously more connected to his bleeding heart liberal roots and interested in protecting his comrades in arms than stopping the slide of St. Louis into the depths of Detroit-like destruction.

As an afterthought, let me just add some additional perspective to the governor’s choice to not clamp down on the illegal protesting in St. Louis.

As a frequent participant in Tea Party protests in St. Louis, I can tell you all events were peaceful, organized, and without one violent incident. Permits and insurances were obtained by organizers and streets were never blocked, officers were never attacked, businesses were never vandalized.

In addition, the Department of Homeland Security was often deployed at the site of our gatherings. I ask you, where is DHS now? They certainly are on the streets of St. Louis.

That’s what a peaceful protest looks like, Governor. Not the terrorism that is invading the streets of our city now.

It’s no wonder the country sees St. Louis as a criminal cesspool. Congratulations to you for leading us into the abyss.



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