Rasmussen: Majority of voters support Comey’s disclosure decision

FBI Director James Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails
Rasmussen Reports said Thursday that a majority of likely voters support FBI Director James Comey’s decision to announced that the FBI has reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails

A new Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday revealed that 60 percent of likely voters agree with the decision  by FBI Director James Comey to disclose that the agency has reopened its investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s e-mail scandal.

Thirty-one percent of the survey respondents told Rasmussen that they think Comey should have waited until after the election, which will be held next Tuesday.

The revelation that the FBI’s investigation has reopened has knocked the election into a proverbial cocked hat. Continued WikiLeaks e-mail releases have also caused an earthquake among Democrats because of the appearance that Clinton was tipped to debate questions more than once, thus tilting the odds in her favor against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Also Thursday, Rasmussen reported that GOP nominee Donald Trump is now leading Clinton among likely voters by three points, 45-42 percent, while Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is at 4 percent.

The Los Angeles Times daily poll has Trump running ahead of Clinton 47.5 to 42.5 percent, despite the fact that the Sacramento Bee is predicting that Clinton “poised to win” California by 20 percentage points.

By no surprise, 91 percent of likely Republican voters agree with Comey’s decision to tell Congress that the Clinton probe was back in business, and 60 percent of independents agree. Fifty-eight percent of Democrats think he should have waited.

Just as important, Rasmussen also noted that 65 percent of voters believe it is likely that “Clinton broke the law by sending and receiving e-mails containing classified information through a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of State.”

As polls go, today’s Rasmussen revelations only add another layer of interest to a race that has tightened up considerably from a week ago, when it appeared that Clinton would be the certain winner. Trump now has a shot at winning, even though the Electoral College could still throw it to Clinton.

What many conservatives are looking at is the “down ballot.” They are working hard to keep Republicans in charge on Capitol Hill, which could hamstring Clinton in her federal court nominations, including the Supreme Court, and efforts to push her gun control agenda.


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