Rasmussen: Fewer than 50% of Voters say gov’t. can protect pipelines

Joe Biden promised good news on the pipeline. He didn’t mention anything about a possible ransom paid by the company. (Screen snip, YouTube, CNBC)

Less than half of Likely voters believe the federal government can “to protect against future attacks like the one that shut down the Colonial pipeline,” according to a new Rasmussen survey that says 42 percent of respondents are “at least somewhat confident” the government can do the job.

However, 29 percent are “not very confident” and 25 percent are “not at all confident” in the government’s ability to thwart such attacks.

The survey was released within hours of the announcement that news was breaking about restoration of services of the Colonial pipeline service to several southeastern states. Fox Business is reporting that “Colonial Pipeline Co. likely paid more than $4 million to hackers in order to get its pipeline back up and running.”

Fox Business said when reporters asked President Joe Biden about this, he had “no comment.”

That came on the heels of remarks by conservative commentator Mark Levin that labeled Biden a “human pandemic” for his so-called “Marxist policies.” Levin accused Biden of creating several crises during his first 100 days in office.

One of those might be Biden’s shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline project. The importance of that is being felt with higher gasoline prices, and the Colonial pipeline attack underscores the necessity for alternatives in the event such a thing might happen again. Keystone was an oil pipeline project while Colonial moves 100 million gallons of fuel daily, Fox Business said.

A Russian hacking group calling itself DarkSide reportedly had demanded $100 million to allow the Colonial pipeline to resume operations.

During remarks on Fox News, Levin rattled off what he considers Biden’s current problems.

“Joe Biden is a human pandemic,” he said. “That’s exactly what he is. From the border, to the currency, to inflation, the price of food the price of gasoline, the price of toys and plastics and steel—go right down the list. He has opened a Pandora’s Box to inflation and that is a tough box to shut.”

Translation: The U.S. economy revolves around the price of a gallon of gas. When the cost of fuel rises, the cost of transporting goods goes up. Those costs pass through to the consumer.

“Democrats,” Levin asserted, “are used to these sort of things since they create inflation, and recession, and depressions all the time, taking our money and money that doesn’t even exist and throwing it all over the place to give money to its base as they follow this Marxist ideology of class warfare an oppression oppressor.”
According to the Rasmussen survey, “Forty-seven percent (47%) of Likely Voters said they’ve experienced gasoline shortages or higher gasoline prices since the May 7 malware attack that temporarily shut down the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies petroleum to much of the Eastern U.S. Forty-one percent (41%) said they had not experienced shortages or higher prices for gasoline, and 12% were not sure.”

At the same time, according to Rasmussen, “Sixty-two percent (62%) of voters believe it is at least Somewhat Likely that the Russian government is responsible for this attack, including 29% who say it’s Very Likely. Fifteen percent (15%) say it’s Not Very Likely the Russian government was responsible for the attack on the Colonial Pipeline and seven percent (7%) say it’s Not At All Likely.”


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