Racist: Left-wing ‘Root’ declares ‘polite white people are useless’

An article posted Wednesday at the online site “The Root” declares in no uncertain terms that polite white people are useless.  Not just useless, mind you, but as useless as the proverbial mammaries on a bull.  But Damon Young wasn’t quite as family-friendly in his description while making sure to prop up his liberal creds with a healthy dose of profanity.

Young opens with a couple of paragraphs about Glory, a movie about the 54th Massachusetts Regiment — an all-black unit that served in the Union Army during the Civil War.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.

He then turns ugly and racist and goes on to describe how useless polite white people really are (edited for language):

Polite white people—specifically, polite white people who call for decorum instead of disruption when attempting to battle and defeat bias and hate—aren’t as paradoxical as t*ts on a bull. But they’re just as useless. They provide no value, they move no needles, they carry no weight (metaphysically and literally) and they ultimately just get in the way. They’re humanity’s tourists: the 54-mile-per-hour drivers in the left lane refusing to get the f**k out of the way so others can pass. And if you get enough of them in one place, they cause accidents.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Got that?  According to Young, white people — especially those of us who were taught manners — have no value and “carry no weight.”

But wait, if it’s worthless, stupid and racist drivel you’re looking for, Young has even more:

Unfortunately, they’re every-f**king-where. They’re on Facebook threads and sitting behind you at work. They’re your neighbors and (sometimes) your family members. They’re Academy Award-nominated actresses on Twitter and college professors named “Mark Lilla” peddling terribly premised books about identity politics. Sometimes they ask for level heads, lest we become what we’re fighting against. Which is like saying, “Hey, don’t kill that fly, man, because you’re going to turn into a fly.” Sometimes they misquote MLK. Or Gandhi. Or Mother Teresa. Or Papa f**king Smurf. But you can always find them somewhere, attempting to defeat violence with the devil’s advocacy and danishes.

“Of course,” Young said, “these are not bad people.”

What was it Clint Eastwood’s character said in “The Enforcer?”  Oh, yeah:

That, by the way, is a “joke,” for those who spend their entire lives perpetually outraged about everything.  Google it, you might learn something.

So they’re not bad people, Young said.  Just inert:

They’re just so g*****n inert, and that inertia is dangerous. It’s unwise to mistake their lack of movement with futility. Because this type of idling does make a difference. Just the wrong kind of difference. It can be seductive and sublime. Who doesn’t want to believe that love bombs are enough to devastate hate? Who wouldn’t want to know that good manners win if the manners are good enough? Think about how much less stress battling white supremacy and police brutality would induce if all you needed to do to defeat it was drink a bottle of Pepsi.

“Ultimately,” Young concluded, “this laser focus on niceness and decorum is just a way of policing behavior. Politeness in the face of violence, and terror is a privilege exclusive to them. They just don’t have as much to lose if everyone stays polite and kind and sober. If things happen to change while we’re nice as f**k to each other, great! If not, well, great, too. It’ll still be Wednesday. And bulls still won’t have t*ts.”

Apparently, Young was never taught the maxim that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar.  Or maybe he’d prefer white people treated him like this:

Just think, this mindless idiocy was actually published at a time when America is more divided than ever, when police officers are killed by Black Lives Matter-supporting thugs for fun, when politicians and the media are doing all they can to foment hate and violence because they don’t like the person who won last November’s election.

This, by the way, is the modern left.  It’s no wonder America is so divided…


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Joe Newby

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