And the race-baiters remain silent…

aaron alexis folderIt’s been all over the news almost non-stop…shades of Fort Hood came back to haunt as Aaron Alexis, a Navy veteran, killed 12 people on Monday and NO one knows why…or do they.

What is currently being reported is that Alexis had serious mental issues severe enough to be treated since August by VA doctors…being treated for hearing voices in his head.

Yet he was given legitimate security clearance to work at the Washington Navy Yard as a result of his work as a contractor…a documented mentally ill individual was given security clearance to a US military facility..

Alexis, a convert to Buddhism (which I only mention because he was NOT a muslim as some suspected) was discharged from the Navy (for disorderly conduct) two years ago after serving hitches in Texas and Illinois. He had numerous arrests in the past among which was a Seattle arrest in 2004 for shooting out the tires of a construction worker’s car in what he claimed was an anger-fueled blackout, and a Texas arrest in September 2010, for firing shots into a neighbors apartment because he said she was too loud.

A loose cannon for sure…a loose cannon who worked for The Experts, a subcontractor on an HP (Hewlett-Packard) Enterprise Services contract to ‘refresh’ equipment used on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet network.

A loose cannon who Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray said that while there was still NO motive for the shootings and no indication of terrorism (“we haven’t ruled that out”)…you just know the words ‘workplace violence’ will soon be heard.

Soon to be be heard after we all stop laughing from when yesterday Obama publicly blamed the shooting on the sequestration cuts.

And so with NO motive spoken about in the media some who knew Alexis have put forth theories of their own as to why Alexis did what he did…theories including that he was upset with the government because of a dispute over his military benefits, and words to the affect that he would complain about being a victim of discrimination…racial discrimination….and that’s why his benefits were denied him…and that’s why he did what he did.

And there it is folks and we all knew it was coming…the race angle will be used to excuse this murderer of 12 innocent people because the poor mentally ill man was discriminated against by the military because he was black. YES, the shooter was black, something the media is trying to down play…trying the best they can NOT say the word ‘black’ but his picture clearly shows what they won’t say…the shooter was black.

When Fort Hood happened…when Sandy Hook happened…when the Boston Marathon shooting happened…and especially when the Trayvon Martin incident happened…race was played up BIG time by the media…by the race-baiters…but now that the shooter is black race is being downplayed… downplayed or completely glossed over.

And where pray tell are the race-baiter’s BIG mouths now…mouths that were given constant media coverage… constant media platforms…to spew their venom of hate for all to hear…race baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and YES, Barack HUSSEIN Obama…race-baiters who were so quick to turn the afore mentioned killings into racial incidents before all else…race-baiters who were screaming insistently when ‘white’ George Zimmerman killed ‘black’ teenager Trayvon Martin in self-defense… where are they…and where is their condemnation of ‘black’ Aaron Alexis the man who before many witnesses cold-bloodily murdered 12 innocent people most of whom were white.

They are nowhere to be heard and NOWHERE to be seen for in today’s America…in today’s Obamanation…blacks killing whites is excused NO matter the circumstances…excused by saying the crime had NOTHING to do with race, because the shooter was either mentally ill or a victim of his unfortunate upbringing. But if any white kills any black…even in self-defense…the 3-ring media circus…the race-baiters…are all over it like hungry wolves ravaging its prey saying over and over that it was all about race and NOTHING but race.

And you know that it’s only a matter of time before the media turns the Navy Yard shooter into the victim because he felt his benefits were being withheld…because he was being discriminated against by the military…because he was black.

The race card will trump this brutal act of mass murder…as it seems to do every time black on white crime is reported on…every time since Barack HUSSEIN Obama became president.

YES, mental illness can indeed cause people to do the unthinkable and YES, Alexis was being treated for mental illness but this is most important…even though he was mentally ill and posed a documented danger to others (as witnessed by his arrest record), Alexis was given security clearance to work at the Navy Yard. Was that allowed because he was black…because he spoke of racial discrimination due to being black. Has it gotten so bad in our country today that even our military is afraid of a charge of racial discrimination being levied against them that they’ll give security clearance to someone they know should NOT be given security clearance…it sure seems that way.

And 12 innocent people are dead but Aaron Alexis will soon become the poor innocent victim if the media has its way. The media will excuse his act of violence because of his mental illness…because he was black.

Well there goes the just started racial healing right out the door…right out the door so soon after the Trayvon Martin fiasco…but that’s what the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama want because without their race-baiting what else do they have.


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