A few questions of ‘so when’…

hannity-bundySo many questions that need answers…so many answers that will probably NEVER be gotten…

So when is Sean Hannity (and now Mike Huckabee as well) going to apologize to Cliven Bundy for the nasty things he said about the very man standing strong against a federal government run amok. Calling him a racist and such Hannity…of all people…listened to the New York Times edited version of Bundy’s ‘supposed’ racist remarks instead of listening to the entire unedited interview. And with this liberal rag of a newspaper doing what Hannity should have known they’d do…as in editing, splicing, and pasting together Bundy’s words to fit their leftist agenda…the saddest thing of all is that Sean Hannity fell for it. Shame on him but now he needs to make amends and do so by putting on his big boy pants, man-up by eating some crow, and apologize ‘ON-AIR’ to Cliven Bundy for listening to and accepting as facts the words of the likes of The New York Times…case closed.

war on womenSo when are those here in our country who think there’s a Republican ‘War on Women’ going to wake up and realize that it’s the left…the Democrats as in Obama and crew…who NOT only are the ones perpetrating the LIE about a ‘War on Women’ here at home but who actually condone the inequality women face in many parts of the world. Condone it for NO objection was raised by our American delegation to the U(seless) N(ations)…on Obama’s orders perhaps…when Iran was unanimously elected to the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), a commission dealing on a global level with gender equality and the advancement of women. So now Iran again sits on this all-important commission with nary an objection by any delegation even knowing their dismal record on women’s issues…doing NOTHING even when given the opportunity to speak-up against this appointment.

Iran, the country where the hijab is mandatory dress for all woman venturing out into the streets and public places…Iran, the country where divorce is a husband’s right but where a woman must prove her husband has either abandoned her, is mentally ill, abusive, or a drug addict, for her to get a divorce…Iran, the country where child custody, inheritance, and ownership laws side overwhelmingly with the man…Iran, the country where women are NOT allowed to be judges or hold high-ranking positions in the government…Iran, the country where honor killings are the acceptable norm and adultery is a crime that holds the woman accountable for the very evidence that will be used against her, and where her testimony is worth half that of a man’s…that very country will continue to sit on a commission dealing with women’s rights and equality. But hey…this goes hand-in-hand with Obama’s pandering and acquiescing to his islamic brethren by his allowing Iran to pull the wool over the world’s eyes concerning the issue of their becoming an anything but peaceful nuclear power.

putin1So when are the leaders of the G7 nations…the leaders of the now anything but ‘free world’…going to accept the fact that their mere condemnation of Putin’s actions in and around Ukraine…actions that could escalate into a larger conflict that could devour the entire region…and their slapping of even more useless albeit targeted sanctions on Russia all while Russia counters them by raising interest rates for a second consecutive month in an effort to limit the economic damage caused by these very sanctions…will amount to absolutely NOTHING against a man hell-bent on rebuilding the Russian Empire.

When will they realize that imposing sanctions of any sort instead of sending a strong united military show of force to the area…and the token 600 troops Obama is sending to the area is NO show of force…will NOT get the ‘Russian Bear’ to pull back his troops. When will these leaders realize that Vladimir Putin is the winner of this game as he orders new military drills near the border with eastern Ukraine and as Russian aircraft enter Ukrainian airspace, doing so as he sits back and laughs over how far down the path to humiliation and defeat his American counterpart, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, has led our beloved country…how far down this path he, Vladimir Putin, has manipulated and played the president of the world’s last remaining superpower.

keystone pipeline1So when will Barack HUSSEIN Obama stop beholding our country to his muslim brethren in regards to keeping us dependent on Arab oil. When will he approve the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline that would put thousands of Americans back to work and help them get off the government welfare rolls and us away from OPEC oil price manipulation. When…probably NEVER…NOT even after the November mid-term elections for to do so would take away people’s allegiance to the party that feeds them and would raise the ire of those this miserable excuse of a president caters, panders, and bows down to.

abbasSo when will this administration finally get it that the once-called ‘Roadmap to Peace’…the now ‘anything but peace talks’ between the Israelis and the Palestinians…is over and that it NEVER had a chance to succeed for trading land for peace will NOT now or ever work when those who want the land want ALL of the land. And when the talks involve a two-faced desert rat like Mahmoud Abbas, a man who would rather make deals to form a ‘unity government’ with Hamas terrorists who “will not give any cover for any negotiations with the enemy” than make peace with Israel, you just know the time has come to pack your bags and go home. That is go home and let Israel do what Israel needs to do to ensure its survival now and forever.

what differenceSo when will Hillary ‘What Does It Matter’ Clinton finally accept the fact that we patriots will NOT ever allow her to forget her role in the murders of four Americans at Benghazi. And she knows we know what she is so trying to hide and that it will haunt her every move if she dares choose to run for president in 2016. So when will we finally get to the bottom of why the feds really want Clive Bundy and his cows off ‘public’ lands…and when…and I want a date for this one…when can we finally get rid of the monstrosity know as ObamaCare.

So again, so many questions that need answers…so many answers that will only be gotten when hell freezes over or when some brave soul decides to put America first and sings like the proverbial canary…but sadly I will NOT hold my breath for that one.

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