Question: Was President Trump, Other Members of the White House Staff Subjected To A Biological Warfare Attack in Early October?

Everyone knows, that with the exception of seven or eight reporters, the rest of the White House Press Corps are political hacks who hate the president. This is in language which is as polite as possible, yet accurate.

They show it openly every day, using the behavior and words of rabid haters.

They have shown repeatedly they will lie, cheat and steal, do anything they can to damage and harm the president.

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And now, having been neutered by Kayleigh McEnany in press conferences and in social media, their failures to destroy, and their hatred, has possibly driven them to take action.

Many who observe the behavior of the majority of the White House Press Corps that have leftist / Democrat leanings, believe that murder has been in their hearts from the beginning.

But like all Democrat hacks, they understood that a violent assault against the president, particularly a successful one, would result in an eye for an eye justice unleashed on them. They know it and therefore have kept their hatred based on words.

Apparently until the first week of October 2020.


It has two meanings.

The first is that it provides serious thoughts about those observed to be involved in a conspiracy, a plan and actions, to overthrow the government, for example.

The second meaning is that baseless charges are brought against the innocent.

Looking at the Democrats and Democratic Socialists, we see them clearly by these definitions.

First, it is clear from criminal investigations and from what has transpired before our very eyes, that they have conspired to overthrow the president.

Second, they make baseless charges against the innocent and particularly the president.

They are thereby forbidden to use this handy catch-phrase to discredit the truth, as they always do.

The possibility of biowarfare by members of the White House Press Corps is something to investigate very seriously, isn’t it? Here are some details.


Interestingly enough, we are supposed to believe that a virus is attracted to Republicans and not to Democrats. No Democrat high level politicians have become ill.

Yet several Republican Senators, and on the Judicial Committee which is planned to support the new Supreme Court nominee, as well as the president and many members of his staff (all who had close connection to reporters) have become ill with COVID-19.

Given the clearly insane hatred by the Democrat Media towards this president, and particularly those of the White House Press Corps, is it unrealistic to think that a few of the mental reprobates of the so-called press corps could hatch a scheme to infect the president with the virus?


In this post we can only present the basic outline. Hopefully readers and members of law enforcement and the Department of Justice will begin an investigation to determine what happened.

The president fell ill shortly after the debate. The debate experience did not infect any Democrats such as the hack registered-democrat Chris Wallace or the disabled Joe Biden.

No… just Republicans, the president and those in his traveling group.

But the debate experience was more than the debate, it was getting there and getting back. And reportedly, here the wicked plot perhaps unfolds before our very eyes.

Note this is simply information calling for further investigation, no claims of criminal activity are being made, that must be done by law enforcement and Department of Justice officials who investigate this information.

Events as reported in an excellent article by Nick Arama on the Redstate website:

The article describes the infection chain and does not look for or discuss motives of the White House reporters. But in this present post, motivation, the opportunity, and the possible biowarefare attack is examined.

The plot thickens:

On Friday October 2nd, three members of the White House Press Corps were diagnosed with COVID-19. And a White House staffer was sitting close to them in a press conference that day.

the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) gave more detail in a memo to correspondents.

We are writing to let you know that another member of our press corps tested positive today for COVID-19,” the memo said. “This individual was last at the White House on Saturday and subsequently traveled on Air Force One to Pennsylvania. The individual began experiencing COVID-19 symptoms yesterday.”

A third memo, at 3:35 p.m., said that a third member of the press corps has tested positive.
The individual was at the White House last Saturday and Sunday, and “began experiencing minor symptoms late Wednesday.”

Thus two White House Press Corps members who were infected with the virus could have infected people in the Amy Comey Barret rose garden nomination announcement ceremony.

One of the infected so-called reporters, was on Air Force One with president Trump on the trip to Pennsylvania and could have infected the president directly or infected those who then infected the president.

Is it possible, that those who hate the president were feeling symptoms but went to the White House ceremony and on Air Force One. Or that they had confirmation by fever or by home type testing that they were possibly infected.

And decided to use the opportunity for what, if this actually did happen, and it is unknown if it did, in what could be called a biological warfare attack on the President and White House Staff?

The wickedness of the Democrat media knows no bounds. May they be investigated.

(NOTE: No one in this article in the White House Press Corps is being accused of a crime or intentional wrong-doing. In the United States, citizens are presumed innocent until and unless judged guilty in a court of law.

Instead, this post is a call to readers to investigate. Or to contact federal law enforcement and Department of Justice officials who can investigate this matter. Let justice prevail according to the law.)

Dr Joel Holmes is an engineer working in alternative energy and cyber security.

His best-selling book reveals the horrific truth about the pandemic virus and the role Fauci has played in it. A guidebook for the nation to restore normalcy.

On Amazon in E-book and paperback.


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