Chris Matthews: Those who question the Obamacare sign up numbers are ‘Obamacare Truthers’

Obamacare Truthers
Obamacare Truthers

Many doubt the accuracy or vailidity of the claim that seven million have signed up for medical insurance coverage via the Obamacare exhcanges. Chris Matthews on his MSNBC program “Hardball” says such folks are “Obamacare Truthers.” Do you not believe those sign up numbers? You too are an Obamacare Truther.

I did not believe the numbers when I first heard of them, and offered my commentary about them, in which I compared them to how the Regime magically reported much lower unemployment numbers in the last jobs report just before the November 2012 election. In fact, it was calculated that somehow, 900,000 citizens were found to have been employed in that report than where the previous month, despite the fact that the same jobs report showed the economy creating just a fraction of that number of jobs during the one month period between the two jobs reports.

Does anyone really believe any numbers released by the Obama Regime? Does the Regime even believe, that we believe these numbers? Or are they just counting on enough of the low-information voters to accept what they’re reporting to us?

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

But remember, those who question the Obamacare sign up numbers are “Obamacare Truthers.”

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