Question: How Long Before Democrats Make It Legal To Murder Trump Supporters?

Thanks to the Democrats, their willing propagandists in the lying liberal media, and Big Tech, America is experiencing a new wave of fascism and totalitarianism.  With new laws being introduced and pushed by the Democrats and new policies being enacted or considered by federal bureaucrats — mostly targeted at conservatives or Trump supporters — one cannot help but wonder: How long will it be before Democrats push legislation making it legal to murder Trump supporters?

That may sound like overheated rhetoric or hyperbole, but it really isn’t.  Consider what has already taken place since the January 6 Capitol riots — an event that can best be described as the modern left’s “Reichstag Fire.”

As we and others reported, a recent measure proposed by Rep Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., would prevent those who hold certain political ideologies from obtaining or holding security clearances.

As Faye Higbee noted:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The purpose of HR 353 is stated as: “To modify the Standard Form 86 questionnaire used for national security eligibility determinations to include questions regarding an individual’s membership in, or association with, organizations spreading conspiracy theories regarding the Government and participation in the activities occurring at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, and for other purposes.”

To translate the legaleze, it simply means that if you follow Qanon, or any organization you belong to that is similar, you will be prohibited from obtaining a Federal security clearance. If you attended the January 6th event in DC, or “any similar event,” you are still prohibited from a Federal security clearance. Therefore, you will be prevented from getting a high-level government job, because they require said security clearance.

Is Qanon an “organization” that takes memberships? Basically the bill demands that you think like they want you to think or you’re out.

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On Tuesday, Politico reported that the DHS is considering a move where so-called “domestic extremists” and others could find themselves on the no-fly list.  The reason?  Why, January 6, of course.

The problem, of course, is who gets to decide what constitutes a “domestic extremist?”  And then there’s that whole “due process” thing.  But as we’re learning, that only applies to those who hold certain political points of view.  The rest of us are simply left out in the cold.


If you don’t think people will be targeted unjustly, consider the story of Rick Fitzgerald, a former member of the Proud Boys who was suspended from his job as a Fresno, California police officer.

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So much for that whole First Amendment thing.  And if you think we’re being hyperbolic when we talk about liberals wanting conservatives dead, remember, it was an ABC News editor who suggested “cleansing” the nation of Trump supporters.  And it was a propagandist at MSNBC who suggested droning Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

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Then there’s Mad Maxine Waters, the unhinged California Democrat who sees Russian conspiracies everywhere.  It wasn’t that long ago she declared that ALL Trump supporters are “domestic terrorists.”

And let’s not forget what’s happening to our military.  It’s not enough that the new Secretary of Defense ordered a “standdown” to root out so-called “extremism.”  Now, the military is being used to target civilian talk show pundits who dare to express opinions contrary to those held by the current regime.

These aren’t isolated incidents, by the way.

As Tim Brown opined, totalitarian regimes silence their opposition, then they eliminate it.  By deadly force.

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On top of all this, Democrats — who have waged a never-ending crusade against the Electoral College for years — have introduced H.R. 1, a measure that usurps the Constitution and ensures fraudulent elections and Democrat victory in perpetuity.  These, by the way, are the same Democrats that engaged in what amounts to a seditious conspiracy to enact a coup d’etat against a sitting president, even going so far as to use fraudulent and phony “evidence” in their sham trials.

We can go on and on and on, but there’s really no need.  It’s very easy to see where all this is heading.  And if you think it can’t happen here because we have something called the “Bill of Rights,” think again.

Where does all this insanity come from?  Consider, if you will, the mindset of the modern radical left.

This, for example, is what the left calls “patriotism”:

flag Communists

And this is what they call “sedition”:

To the left, these are “patriots” on a par with George Washington:

And these are “seditionists” or “domestic terrorists” that need to be “cleansed” from America:

trump's accomplishments

To them, this is “wholesome”:

And this is “evil”:

Get it?

So it really isn’t too much of a stretch to believe that Democrats wouldn’t propose a measure legalizing the murder of Trump supporters.  At this point, it seems that it’s really only a matter of “when” and not “if.”

On a final note, I reached out to Speaker Pelosi by email asking when we can expect such a measure to be introduced.  I honestly don’t expect an answer from her or anyone in her office, but if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime…  Stay vigilant.  Take a stand.  Exercise your rights.  Contact your representatives and demand they fight back against the totalitarianism taking place in Washington.  If they don’t, vote them out of office.

Of course, that assumes we’re still allowed to vote in 2022…


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