Putting Criminals First: NY Gov Cuomo Pardons 7 Illegal Immigrants, Over 70 Sex Offenders For Votes

Seems like a pretty strange get out the vote effort.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pardoned 7 illegal immigrants under threat of deportation, taking a direct shot at President Trump’s policies in the process.

“At a time when President Trump and the federal government are waging a war on our immigrant communities, New York stands firm in our belief that our diversity is our greatest strength,” Cuomo claimed.

Those pardoned, according to reports, have led a life free of crime over the past seven years, though five of the individuals had been arrested for possession or intent to sell a controlled substance while the other two had been involved in petit larceny.

The governor of the Empire State has been relentlessly making decisions with 2020, not his constituents, in mind, taking shots at Trump at every possible moment.

Last month he announced a lawsuit against the administration for enforcing an immigration policy of protecting children at the border that was implemented long before the President took office.

“The Trump Administration’s policy to tear apart families is a moral failing and a human tragedy,” Cuomo said in a statement which more accurately reflects his political career.

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Cuomo’s shameless pandering didn’t stop with pardoning illegal immigrants.

The man who constantly parrots the phrase “reproductive rights” because that’s the phrase engineers programmed into his software, also granted conditional pardons to well over 70 sex offenders.

The New York Daily News reports that these convicted sexual predators had been “deemed too dangerous to be returned to the community after their release from prison,” were sent to civil confinement in state psychiatric hospitals, but are now among thousands who received the conditional pardons thanks to Cuomo.

Even better – they will now have the right to vote after their release under an executive order signed by Cuomo in April.

The order states that “restoration of the right to vote is an important aspect of the reintegration of individuals under parole supervision back into society to become law-abiding and productive citizens.”

In an accompanying press release, Cuomo said: “The right to vote is fundamental and it is unconscionable to deny that basic right of citizenship to New Yorkers who have paid their debt to society.”

Among those granted the right to vote by Cuomo is a man named Hector Aviles, a 61-year-old man known as “voodoo rapist.”

Aviles was convicted of second-degree rape in 2008 after telling three of his victims that if they participated in a sexual “ritual,” he could help them with their problems. If they refused, he told them terrible things would happen to them and their families.

The oldest of those three victims was 16.

“This policy rewards the worst of the worst sexual predators and lowlifes in our society and undermines the integrity of our voting system in every way, shape and form,” State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan said, according to the Daily News.

Cuomo’s hopes of capturing the nomination for President in 2020 rest on pandering to his Democrat base – which apparently consist of felons and illegal immigrants.

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