Putin gains by Obama’s inactions

Ukraine1“You can’t send in tanks and at the same time hold talks. The use of force would sabotage the opportunity offered by the four-party negotiations in Geneva.”
– Ukrainian foreign minister Andriy Deshchytsya

Point blank…Ukraine is on the brink of war…and while Vladimir Putin and his Russian forces are the aggressors…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a willing participant in that aggression by his very inactions.

And as America’s allies throughout Eastern and Central Europe worry about their future sovereignty because of Obama’s inactions, Putin sends unmarked special forces into Ukraine. And he does so at the same time he accuses the Ukrainian government of pursuing an “anti-constitutional” path by using force against the pro-Russian demonstrators. Now once again as the memory of our wondrous leader sitting back and doing NOTHING when the Iranian students protested against their dictatorial islamic regime starts to surface, Obama’s inactions in regards to Ukraine further denigrates our great nation in the eyes of the world.

And as Obama looks away as pro-Russian separatists raise the Russian flag on Ukrainian army armored vehicles in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian defense ministry issued a statement saying that the troop carriers now in Slovyansk, are guarded by “people in uniforms who have no relation to Ukraine’s armed forces.”

ukraine2Simply…WAR has ‘unofficially’ been declared on Ukraine as Barack HUSSEIN Obama outright ignores this escalating and dangerous situation…ignores it as an international crisis grows for Obama has made it clear that he is NOT willing to take America to war…NOT over Ukraine anyway. The man who will send troops, weapons, and our taxpayer dollars when his muslim brethren are in ‘supposed’ trouble has turned his back on a nation wanting to become part of the European Union… turned his back on a nation wanting democracy and freedom.

Par for the Obama course I’d say.

And what is Putin doing as Obama looks away…he’s pushing the world towards something far more dangerous than just another Cold War…the man who called the break-up of the old Soviet Union the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century”…is starting on his quest to rebuild the old Russian Empire…the whole damn empire…one country at a time. And know that Vladimir Putin will NOT be happy with just Ukraine…he wants all the old Soviet Union satellites in his empire… just ask the 59% of the Polish people who believe Putin’s Russia is threatening their national security as they further integrate with Europe.

And all this because of Ukraine’s wanting to follow Poland’s lead and move towards the European model of economic and political competition and away from Russian-style communism. Putin knew he had to act and act now out of fear that this move by Ukraine would spread to Russia at some point. And so Putin believed Ukraine’s baby steps towards freedom had to be “liquidated in its cradle.” Crushing the Ukrainian revolution by discrediting that very revolution in the hearts and minds of the Russian people, Putin is using the justification that what he is doing is bringing Ukraine back to the ‘motherland’ where he believes they rightfully belong.

ukrain3But NO matter what thought process Putin uses in his wanting to redraw the Russian borders, it is indeed something that Obama should be concerned about… should be something that he must address if for NO other reason than Putin’s expanding nuclear arsenal is on the ready while Obama continues to reduce ours. And with political instability engulfing the entire global front, Obama cannot allow Putin to run unchecked…as in it’s time for Barack HUSSEIN Obama to put on his ‘big boy’ pants… that is if he has any…and be the very catalyst to put a stop to this.

But sadly we know he won’t.

And addressing Putin’s aggression does NOT mean adding even more useless sanctions into the mix for sanctions have long proven to be NOTHING but actions that encourage defiance. And Obama’s freezing the bank accounts of roughly two dozen of Putin’s banking and oil buddies just feeds even more into Putin’s ambitions…and with us having little trade with Russia to use as a bargaining chip, Putin in all reality is freely running around unchecked.

Russia also has veto power at the U(seless) N(ations) that allows them to halt any proposed UN military action against them. So while NATO might continue to talk the talk of standing with Ukraine the truth is that they can only act up to a point. And with Obama NOT willing to consider military action and intervention on America’s part…with Obama NOT willing to stand strong with our treaty allies…Obama has basically released the U.S. of responding to Russian aggression. Translation: for all intents and purposes, NATO has been rendered impotent as a military alliance… rendered impotent to militarily help Ukraine…or any other country for that matter.

ukraine4And those very NATO allies are rightfully worried the U.S. won’t be there for them if Putin continues his nation grabbing. Even Saudi Arabia worries that Obama’s inactions will spread to their part of the world as it seems that Obama is more than willing to allow Iran to become a nuclear power and to control the game in Syria. Also, the Israeli Defense Minister recently stated that Israel can NO longer rely on the U.S. to deal with Iran…to deal with the Palestinians…to deal with anything involving the Jewish state.

So as Vladimir Putin warns Ukraine that it could NOT sustain an armored offensive in its eastern region, talks on defusing the situation are due to start in Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday, and the European Union and the U.S. will take part in those talks. Let’s just hope that John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry does NOT take part in them for we all know how well his intervention in the Israeli/Palestinian affair turned out…and like his boss Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Kerry is NO match for the likes of Vladimir Putin…NO match at all.


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