Protests Escalate In St. Louis: #JasonStockley Explodes With Vitriol And Racism

It’s only been a few hours since the acquittal of Jason Stockley was announced and already tensions have escalated, protestor numbers have multiplied, and the police presence has also proliferated. The governor, Eric Greitens, has called out the National Guard. And media, all over the nation is laser focused on St. Louis.

What isn’t reported is the vitriol on social media. It’s not a stretch to believe tensions are high on the side of Anthony Lamar Smith, but what’s on social media is beyond the pale.

Umar Lee, a well known, active Black Lives Matter activist in St. Louis has a long string of conspiracy theory tweets. Lee remarks white supremacists acted on “their” sacred religion to kill.

And he complains that false info regarding the case is being spread by media.

“Just as in Ferguson you got a lot of local and national media that don’t really know shit about #STL giving bad info.

And the character of the officer, Jason Stockley, is up for slander:

He’s been nuts since day one. Driving home from football practice one day he told me he wanted to be a Navy Seal so he could go kill people. Also, while briefly working at Dairy Queen, He cut his hand on a blizzard machine, bled into what he was making and served it….

The St. Louis America has a large African-American following, and they posted this photo earlier today. The sign reads:

“Due to injustice, Road Closed.”

And The Riverfront Times, also a very left leaning St. Louis paper took a biased stand.

“This Case makes crystal clear that police officers may murder with impunity.”

Accusations fly as racism against blacks was the motivation for the shooting and the verdict.

“”As long as my black brothers and sisters are victims, we are all targets,” – protester Richard Buthod.

“No one should be surprised he was found not guilty. After all this is St. Louis”

And under the hashtag #protestsinSt.Louis:

“Protests in St. Louis” Don’t care, tired this race BS. just too dang bad. Now go riot like the lesser race does.”

And then this. There is no doubt there are forces outside the city of St. Louis helping to organize these protests. It’s not a stretch to think these types of protests will sprout up in other cities across the country in the days and weeks to come. Tying Kaepernick to this attempts to rope in a wider audience.

There’s no convincing these protestors the facts didn’t warrant a conviction. The agenda here isn’t justice for Smith, or Stockley. It’s to advance a large racist agenda fomented by generations of race baiters.


Lisa Payne-Naeger

Former elected school board member, turned homeschool mom, turned CONSERVATIVE political activist. Trying to spread the word of truth, in "new" media and drag the culture back to common sense.

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