Premature Investigation: Republicans’ Blood Lust To Take Down Clinton Foundation

Obama pardon HillaryOn the eve of the Republican victory, some in the media were demanding an investigation of The Clinton Foundation for criminal corruption.  Trump’s campaign manager has demurred to the possibility of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Others have mounted a petition demanding Obama NOT pardon Hillary Clinton for any crimes which she may have committed.  All of these actions are premature and politically ill-advised.

All who thirst for justice should keep quiet until Obama is out of office and can no longer intervene to pardon Hillary The Corrupt.  While information from Wikileaks seems to corroborate Peter Schweizer’s investigation into the Clintons’ pay-to-play scheme, timing is everything.

While Obama is in office, he can pardon Hillary for anything whatsoever:

Article II, Section II of the Constitution states the president “shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offences against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.”  There is no requirement that formal charges be filed.

Obama does not need a reason.  The only question is, will he?

Now that Hillary is a failed candidate, Obama will likely ignore her political plight absent personal or political gain to himself or the Democrat brand.  Obama will act only if he perceives a danger to his legacy or if he has a personal reason to do so:

Recall Obama not only knew about Hillary’s private server; he used an email pseudonym to send unsecured emails to her private server.   Obama’s secret emails to Hillary may be actionable under the Espionage Act.

Once President-Elect Donald Trump is sworn in as 45th President of the United States, only then will he have the power to drain the DOJ swamp, request a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton and her ilk for any violation of the Espionage Act, or The Clinton Foundation for federal tax evasion, or indict Loretta Lynch or others for obstruction of justice.

Republicans’ political blood lust is premature.  Demanding any investigation of the Clinton Foundation or of Hillary in defeat before January 20th, 2017, may make for good political theater, but can only risk ultimate failure by raising the specter of legal prosecution against Democrat operatives, triggering Obama’s interest or ire.

The politically wise move is patience.  Wait until Obama is out of office and no longer wields the power to pardon her or anyone else.  In the meantime, celebrate a hard fought victory, make nice with the media, and patiently wait for the opportune moment to investigate Hillary Clinton’s activities and those of the Clinton Foundation.


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Susan Swift

Susan Swift is an attorney, author, actor, and mother of 7 dedicated to saving civilization from the destructive forces of progressivism. A native Texan, Susan has enjoyed successful careers in film, television and law. She contributes regularly to conservative blogs Politichicks and CDN. In the book "Shut Yo' Mouth! How Liberals play the Race Card to Silence Conservatives and How to Stop It," Susan and co-author Kevin Fobbs make the convincing case that “white” is now the Left’s ultimate dog whistle for any conservative. Her children's books, Good Guys With Guns At Home, and Good Guys With Guns Abroad, introduce children to the "good guys" in law enforcement and the military who use guns to protect and serve. Follow Susan across social media @RealSusanSwift -- Her website: www.realsusanswift.com

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