Portland ‘whiteness’ event: Building churches is ‘whiteness’ — Video

maciasAccording to videos posted Saturday by Michael Strickland, Max Macias, a librarian at Portland Community College, appears to have quite a chip on his shoulder and proclaimed, among other things, that building churches is “whiteness.”

“The racial hierarchy in combination with the destruction of these indigenous cultures by book burning, destroying cultural monuments, and using them to build churches. To build churches, right? That’s WHITENESS right there,” he said during a discussion of “Colonialism and Whiteness”.

He wasn’t finished, however.

“As a matter of fact, when you look at a lot of these so called ‘illegal aliens’, they’re Indians. You can see in their faces. They have the right to migrate anywhere they want in their country. Not immigrate or emigrate, migrate. It’s their continent. How DARE somebody from somewhere else come and say that they don’t belong here, that WE don’t belong here, right?”

Here’s video of his comments:

So, does that mean when a black church is built, that’s really “whiteness?”  The mind boggles…

There’s more, including one video of Macias getting rather snippy with a student who dared ask a question and a dubious claim that Obama, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder “adhere to whiteness,” here.

The event, Strickland adds, was part of PCC’s “Whiteness History Month,” used by “educators” to fill students’ minds with racist, anti-white and anti-Christian propaganda.


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