Portland police confiscate weapons, including brass knuckles and knives from radical Antifa terrorists

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On Sunday, the Oregonian reported that Portland Police confiscated a number of weapons from radical Antifa terrorists who participated in a counter-protest of a pro-Trump free speech rally.  According to the report, officers confiscated sticks, a slingshot, a shield and what appears to be brass knuckles and a machete.  Photos released by authorities indicate that road flares were also confiscated.

According to The Daily Caller:

The pro-Trump free speech rally was a pre-planned conservative event in Portland. It featured Kyle Chapman, aka “Based Stick Man,” who became internet famous for hitting an antifa protester on the head with a stick.

Antifa is a far-left group committed to fighting what they see as “fascism,” including the fascism of some Trump supporters. Antifa, usually masked and in all black, regularly engages in violence and intimidation against those they disagree with.

Antifa, other anti-Trump protesters and Trump supporters clashed in Portland’s Chapman Square, and Portland police were reportedly attacked by the anti-Trump protesters:

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Breaking911 said that suspects tied to Antifa had bags of bricks on a nearby rooftop, but were foiled by police.


A report at the Gateway Pundit said protesters tossed used tampons and bags of feces at the officers.

According to the Daily Caller, at least 14 people were arrested.

This, by the way, is the modern left.  Worse yet, Maxine Waters refuses to condemn their violence or calls to murder the president. It’s enough to make one think these creeps really do want a second bloody civil war.

Update: An earlier version of this report said that photos indicate dynamite was confiscated, but closer examination of the photos show these items more resemble road flares.  Still, one has to wonder why these would be present at a so-called “peaceful” protest…


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