Portland Antifa Blocked Intersection Near Hospitals, Targeted ICE Facility

And so the saga of Communist anarchists continues in Portland. Overnight Aug 19-20, Portland Antifa blocked an intersection by several hospitals so that they could have uninterrupted access to the ICE facility nearby. Then they trashed the ICE facility, threw “soft-ball sized” rocks at police and started fires.

Two members of the Portland Antifa were arrested:

The area they blocked, known as “Pill Hill,” is near OHSU, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and the VA Hospital, as well as other medical buildings.

SW Bancroft street is at the bottom of this map – note the hospitals in proximity

Portland Police released a statement that read, in part:

During the march, streets were blocked to vehicular traffic by support vehicles associated with the group.

When the group reached the ICE building, they blocked traffic on Southwest Bancroft Street at South Moody Avenue. Several people in the crowd were seen carrying shields and wearing helmets and gas masks. At approximately 9:28 p.m., members of the group approached the windows and doors to the ICE building. These people began shining lights and lasers at Federal officers located inside of the building. Group members began kicking and banging on the doors and windows of the ICE building. The group was seen spray painting graffiti on the outside of the ICE building as well…

…At 10:18 p.m., Portland Police officers began to disperse the crowd, as officers dispersed the crowd, glass bottles and rocks were thrown at them. Lots of people in the crowd carrying shields used the shields to resist officers’ efforts to disperse the crowd to the north. By 10:37 p.m., the crowd returned to the ICE building, despite the repeated public address announcements regarding the unlawful assembly. Some people in the group began setting up barricades in surrounding streets and even moved a dumpster towards the ICE building. In the past, dumpsters have been lit on fire and moved next to targeted buildings, in an attempt to set structural fires. Federal officers exited the ICE building and members of the group began throwing large rocks as well as glass bottles at them. The large rocks were described to be the size of softballs. At 10:49 p.m., Portland police once again began to disperse the crowd, as the crowd was dispersed, officers were hit with these large rocks. Officers were also hit with full cans of soda, and a hammer…

...After several announcements, most of the group remained blocking the street and engaged in criminal behavior. Portland police once again began to disperse the group to the north. As the group was dispersed, officers were hit with more large rocks and water bottles. 

Let’s cut the bull crap here: this is not PEACEFUL in any way shape or form. The Portland so-called leadership is a bunch of cowards and every last one of them should be removed.

Police finally called the mess a “riot,” but not until after a ridiculous bunch of hoops they had to jump through just to be able to fire off some tear gas. Two people were arrested, but with the lack of prosecution in Multnomah County, it’s unlikely they’ll get any jail time other than the initial arrest. Then there’s the left wing attorneys that bail them out.

Several officers were injured from the rocks and bottles. The building was covered with graffiti. Some people wearing press ID threw objects at police. Someone set fire to a mattress in the middle of the street and someone else added a picnic table to the flames, making and even larger fire. (See screenshot in featured photo and note the shield and helmet of the Antifa member).

The people of Portland are being victimized by Portland Antifa – Communist anarchists bent on destroying the US. There is no “Social justice ” issue here. This is ALL  planned, organized destruction. You can see it in the Police statement: shields, helmets, support vehicles.

Make them pay, America. Stop George Soros and all the radical leftist dimwits who are funding these riots and put an end to it.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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