Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR): Nexus To Criminal Convictions + More!

FROM jump street, a brief backgrounder is in order. This investigative journalist honed intrinsic investigative skills – so much so, its underpinnings are utilized until this day – at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in Manhattan, NYC.

DOUBLE majoring in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science, yes, was quite a wild ride. Heady. But it wasn’t until a year-long internship at the Manhattan DA’s office, under the most stellar stewardship of Robert Morgenthau, that said studies sprang to life. Indeed, the practical application thereof. Suffice to state: Witnessed more than one Mafia crime boss get hauled off for long stints in jail. Unlike nowadays, there was no revolving door of so-called “justice.” Hard time meant just that, hard time!

COUPLE the above with bullet-proof lessons learned from a much loved 25-year veteran of the NYPD (a Homicide Detective, First Grade), trust, there was no better “teacher.” The point being, when it came to chasing down serial killers, or stone-cold drug kingpins for the crime of flooding NYC with heroin, cocaine, or other lethal narcotics, in order to “make” the case (when testifying in court, a regular occurrence), it necessitated more than requisite muscle and fire-power. Much more.

AND this is where the all-important discipline, Forensic Science, enters the picture. The case. True, skilled/competent Detectives know the ins and outs of apprehending suspects, still, it is up to the Criminalist/Forensic Scientist to deliver the goods; that is, by genetically attaching this and that to the criminal, and to the nth degree.

MORE specifically, PCR is one such leading tool in the Forensic Science box.

Forensic genetics is the use of genetic tools and scientific methods to solve legal cases, both criminal and civil. The principle of Locard’s Exchange suggests that every contact leaves a trace, making any evidence crucial in forensic analysis. Biological evidence found at crime scenes can include cellular material or cell-free DNA, and as genetic technologies have advanced, these methods have been applied to both human and non-human genetic analyses. While these techniques can be used for any genome, the existence of databases and standard guidelines has made human DNA typing the preferred method.

The rapid progress of forensic DNA typing can be attributed to the numerous advancements in molecular biology technologies that have occurred within a relatively short timeframe.

Overview of Forensic DNA Analysis

The techniques used for DNA fingerprinting include Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) and PCR-based Variable Number Tandem Repeat (VNTR) or Short Tandem Repeat (STR) determination. While RFLP was the first approach used, it is not commonly used due to its time-consuming nature and requirement for high-quality DNA. 

VNTR and STR have since been developed and are more commonly used due to their sensitivity and less time-consuming procedures. Both methods use PCR to amplify a small amount of DNA. VNTR is composed of 17-19bp repeat sequences while STR consists of 2-4bp repeat sequences.

Several different STRs are amplified by PCR and analyzed by DNA sequencing, which is currently the most commonly used method in forensic science. However, it requires expensive facilities and precision techniques……..


Here too….

DIZZYING. Headache-inducing.

THAT being established, as is often the case within investigative journalism, contacts reach out to one another for assistance, if needed.

IN this regard, most recently, a well-established Crime Reporter in Israel (as an American-Israeli, he has been known to jump back and forth between Israel and America, since criminal cases may overlap between both countries), who shall remain nameless, gave a shout-out.

THIS case involves all of the above nexii. In other words, arrest warrants in Israel have been issued for particular members of an Israeli-Arab Crime Family; who happen to operate out of Miami, too, and with Latin American drug traffickers in the forefront! They are all stone-cold killers.

INDEED, boots are on the ground at both ends, including an INTERPOL RED NOTICE has been issued!

AS such, DNA  “rich” crime scene items have been properly stored and secured via stringent protocols within relevant police headquarters, again, for forensic identification awaiting PCR identification – as mentioned from the onset, to the nth degree.

TO wrap it up, for now: The above is meant to serve as an opening shot to a most important case; that which awaits “instructions” from a most dogged Crime Reporter, who also operates as a Licensed Criminal Investigator.


(Cross-referenced at: Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservtive Blog)

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