Polls: Media biased against Trump, Thumbs down for McConnell


New polling data shows GOP voter disenchantment with Mitch McConnell, and believe that Donald Trump can never make the media happy. (Screen snip, YouTube, CNN)

Nearly two-thirds of likely Republican voters believe President Donald Trump is getting something of a raw deal from the American press, while 55 percent of GOP voters have an unfavorable view of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and 36 percent think he should step down.

The revelations came from Rasmussen Reports over the past 24 hours. Sixty-three percent of identified Republicans told the polling firm that they think it is impossible for Trump to do anything that gets approval from the media. This belief might be gaining horsepower from almost daily news reports that show hostility toward the president by at least the White House press corps.

According to Rasmussen, “Among voters who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing, 84% feel” that the president cannot get a fair shake from the press.

“A plurality (44%) of Democrats feel it is possible for the president to make the media happy; 33% do not, and 23% are undecided. Just 22% of Republicans and 11% of those who Strongly Approve of Trump’s job performance say it is possible for him to win the media over.”—Rasmussen Reports

“Even voters not affiliated with either major political party by a 50% to 32% margin say it is not possible for the president to ever do anything the media will sign off on,” Rasmussen said.

Another not-so-surprising revelation from the Rasmussen survey is that 44 percent of voters “believe most reporters are trying to block Trump from passing his agenda. By comparison, 48 percent said most reporters were trying to help President Obama pass his agenda in 2010.”

Meanwhile, McConnell’s leadership is not making many people happy in the hinterlands. A Rasmussen telephone and online survey found that 55 percent of likely GOP voters “now view McConnell unfavorably following his failed attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare that earned him a public rebuke from President Trump, while 27% share a favorable opinion of the Kentucky Republican.”

The bad vibes spread to House Speaker Paul Ryan. His approval rating has dropped from 39 percent to 30 percent since March, Rasmussen reported. “More than ever (58%) have an unfavorable regard for the congressman from Wisconsin,” Rasmussen said. “This includes seven percent (7%) with a Very Favorable opinion of Ryan and 31% with a Very Unfavorable view of him. Twelve percent (12%) are undecided.”

Thirty-seven percent of GOP voters think Ryan should resign as House speaker while 21 percent want him to stay on the job.


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